Wait For Someone Who Will Not Only Be Your Lover, But Also Your Best Friend

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Life passes by so quickly. Years feel like months, hours feel minutes. Changes occur constantly. One moment you are here, you are alive and you’re breathing and then the next moment, you are gone. It all goes away in just a blink of an eye.

So, why would you settle for just about anyone?

Why would you condemn yourself to a life that won’t help you grow and evolve?

Why would you make that sacrifice in the first place?

I say, wait for someone who will not only be your lover but will also be your best friend. Anything other than that is simply not worth your time.

I say…

Wait for a person who will help you dream and open your wings. Someone who will pick you up whenever you’re down and you’re too weak to keep moving on. A person who will recognize your light and empower you to shine even brighter.

Wait for someone who will get out of their way to help you find the glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. Someone who will hold your hand and be there for you in those dark times. But, most importantly wait for someone who will not be afraid to explore those dark bits of your soul.

Wait for a person who will teach you how to fall in love.  Someone who will bring back your hopes back about love. Someone who will help you believe that true love exists, and it can be found in the most unusual of places. Someone who will completely devote themselves to making you happy.

Wait for someone who will fight for you until the very end. Someone who will care about keeping the spark alive between the two of you. Someone who will trigger an intense feeling of passion inside your gut. Someone who will be powerful enough to set your whole body on fire with just a single touch of your hand and a single look in your eyes.

Wait for a person who will give you the warmest hugs. Someone who will offer a shelter inside their arms. Someone who will protect you and keep you safe. Someone who will see in you both a lover and a best friend. Someone who will be comfortable enough to show you every bit of their soul, even the darkest, scariest ones.

Wait for a someone who will make your heart beat faster and harder. Someone who will make your eyes glisten whenever you see them. Someone who will make your hands sweat and tremble. Someone who will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds whenever you’re around them.

Wait for someone who will listen to your stories. Someone who will make you feel free to open your soul to them. Someone who will stay with you all night to comfort your soul and alleviate the pain inside your heart.

But, more importantly, wait for a person who will make you certain that you want to share your world and spend your life with them. Someone who will help you visualize your future with them by your side. And someone who will stay by your side for all eternity.