Inuit Elders Warn NASA And The World: The Earth Has Shifted!

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Indigenous Inuits have another explanation for the changes in Earth’s climate, NASA redirects their evidence.

Several Inuit elders have informed NASA of their testimony that the changes in temperature on Earth are due to a natural occurrence- the planet has tilted slightly on its axis.

Star Constellations Have Changed Position

The Inuits of the Arctic regions have been watching the sun all of their lives and have taken note of the changes in its positions at all points during the day.

They claim that due to the tilt, the sunlight now hits Earth from a higher angle and accounts for their longer daylight as well as the environmental changes such as wind and drift shifts.

Moreover, the Inuit elders claim the night sky has been altered and positions of stars have shifted due to the new angle. Their observations are backed up by other Inuit groups from the Arctic regions who have made similar notes.

NASA has a different approach to the issue. According to the NASA official website, they do not deny the alterations described by the Inuit or the possibility of a tilted Earth.

Their stance is that these changes are happening because of global warming rather than global warming is the result. The International Business Times, April 12th edition 2016, reiterates NASA’s claim that this phenomenon is due to global warming. However, on NASA’s website, it also claims that the shift is an occurrence that had happened much time over the millennia, even at times when human presence was not releasing carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the atmosphere.

The Inuits intended to warn NASA that the climate change was a natural process of a shifting Earth, not global warming. The space agency has in turn distributed articles through its channel using their information as evidence of its own agenda, that the tilted earth, resulting from global warming and climate change, have affected their lifestyle.