Find Out Your Celtic Tree Symbol And What It Says About You

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The Overachiever.

Children born under the birch are relentlessly energetic and make for astonishing leaders. They’re dedicated and must win at any cost. Birches are devoted friends, and they’re naturally trustworthy and extremely social. A birch should be considerate of his or her workaholic habits, and it can lead to health problems. Fortunately, birches tend to be massively disciplined in regards to personal energy and fitness. Birches can be somewhat ironic and sometimes harsh when it comes to methods, and isolation is something a birch will most likely deal with at some point.

The Overthinker.

Those born under the Rowan tree are charming, intelligent, and perceptive. Creative and individualistic, they’re optimistic and often dreamers, growing eager with limits to freedom. Though rowans can seem quiet and cool, they’re passionate when it comes to issues of justice. They’re natural born leaders and hate to follow anyone. They might even have arguments with authority. They’re instinctively inquisitive, and their humor tends to be on the absurd side. Rowans are unreliable and may not marry until late in life.

The Enchanter.

Those born under the ash tree are extravagant and free thinking. Ashes can be temperamental and withdraw at times, nearly to the point of being unsociable, but they’re highly imaginative and creative. They’re motivated by the world around them, and they fascinate people with their bright personalities. Ashes are very good in creative fields, but also shine in science and theology. They don’t worry too much about what others think, deciding to follow their arrow wherever it may take them.

The Pioneer.

Older children are true inventors, making followers everywhere. They’re charismatic, passionate, and very sociable. They seem to get along with everyone and can usually be found at the center of a party, languishing in the attention. Alders are typically fearless, which can be toxic to some. Reputation can get to an elders head. Despite this, they have no capacity for superficiality or fake people. Never waste an alder’s time, and they won’t waste yours.

The Observant.

Willows are impressive, somehow magical, and possibly even a little bit sensitive. Those born under the willow are intelligent and are tolerant of their peers and the world around them. Willows hold an extraordinary view and give great lessons since they’re generous and rational. Also, they’re more tolerant than most, and they make admirable partners and parents. They’re knowledgeable and always want to learn something new. If a willow follows his or her heart, there’s definitely no stopping them.

The Master of Disguise.

Those born under the hawthorn are not what they seem. Mystical, at times even weird, hawthorns harbor secret personas and reveal themselves to only a few people. If you undervalue a hawthorn, you will most certainly regret it. Hawthorns are excellent listeners, but they absorb everything and forget nothing. They’re entertaining, arrogant, and intelligent. They could just as comfortably be the hero or the villain in the story, maybe sometimes both.

The Stable Force.

Those born under the mighty oak are powerful, balanced, and unshakeable. They have natural strength, but also a hard will. Oaks are natural keepers and careful of those who need it. They’re cheerful, generous, and very appreciative of others. They need peace in everything in their life and live long and happy lives.

The Born Leader.

Those born under the holly tree are absolutely magnificent. High-minded, almost imperious at times, they are frequently found in authority roles. “Obstruction” isn’t in a holly’s dictionary, as they can conquer almost anything. Hollies can be very aggressive and hard on themselves when they lose something. Though friendly and honest, they can get annoyed of people who have a doubt in their power. As a natural motivator, a holly might not accept when something doesn’t go their way.

The Knowledge Seeker.

Those born under the hazelnut tree are anything but crazy. They’re intelligent and coordinated and typically gifted for studying. Hazelnuts should be careful of becoming the teacher’s pet. Sometimes it can’t be helped since those of this sign are simply smart and can’t hide that. Hazelnuts can be a little choosy and hate it was things are messy. They always follow the standards.

The Unpredictable.

The vine is flexible and uncertain and changeable in every situation. They’re tasteful and stylish, though sometimes they can be indefinite and often need more sentimental support that anybody else. They actually are devoted persons, because their abilities are often very definite. They’re elegant and lean toward the extravagant things, and they have a great admiration of all beautiful stuff.

The Resilient. 

Those born under ivy are arguably the most desired from all of the signs. They’re brilliant and very smart, and they keep a drive that guarantee they can defeat anything. Ivies are sympathetic, giving, and faithful. They’re deep, emotional, and breathtakingly elegant. They easily charm, but it’s never superficial. Though peaceful and sweet, they’re enjoyable in social situations.

The Inquisitive.

Those born under the reed, want to know the secrets of anybody and always know the best gossip. Never try to hide something from a reed, because they’ll found out. They want a good story, and they’re capable storytellers. They live for scandals and they are amazing writers. They can easily manipulate others, but since they have a strong sense of integrity and honesty, one rarely needs to be considerate of a reed’s scheming.

The Wildchild.

Those born under the elder want to have their freedom. They are adventure seekers and are “living for today”. Elders are outgoing and entertaining, but this camouflage a caring, philosopher. Not many people can keep up with elders, as they live their lives in a minute. Elders are great partners because they’re honest, gentle, and believable. Their affinity for loyalty can be off-putting, but they always mean well.