Family Karma: How to Release Energetic Ties From Your Ancestors

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Family karma is the passed energy of your past bloodline down to yourself. It’s passed down through physical and verbal means, or entirely energetic and subconscious. It can affect in the way how you unconsciously communicate with your family.Most of us don’t communicate with our parents on regular basis or get along most of the time, this has to do with energetic ties to past experiences of our bloodline. Everything in this World is essentially energy so this is why our consciousness lives beyond our physical form and our understanding of sequential time.

This energy is passed on from your ancestors to grandparents, to parents and finally to you. You as a descendant from your parents, have the karma energy of what has been passed to you from generation to generation and it’s specific to each of us what kind of energy we have received, will it be calm, sensitive, and easygoing or will it be fierce, acute or extreme. If you are feeling that you are receiving bad energy, you must find a way to make it good or in worst case learn to let go in order to prosper in your future. It’s your life, you choose how you want to experience it.

Letting go of bad energy means to release the energy from your spiritual self. It is all about looking deeply into yourself and finding out to which set of rules or illusions you lived by from your parents which were based on their judgment and fear. Because all of this bad judgment and fear and bad energy we receiving from our parents we need to learn to let go.


Once you let go, you will be able to forgive your parents, leave your parental home and take control of your life.

I’m not saying that it’s easy but sooner or later every one of us has to make a choice that will change the course of our future.