The most toxic combination in a relationship: an empath and a narcissist. Is that your case?

The popular saying that “opposites attract” is fulfilled on many occasions and is taken to extreme and even harmful cases. For instance, when an empath and a narcissist join together in a romantic relationship.

In the case of narcissists, they are attracted to people from whom they can make a profit. This means that because of their personality disorder, they pursue and choose someone who has a highly developed empathy.

And it is the empaths who are completely opposed to narcissists because the latter have no empathy and constantly feel the need for admiration, while the former are very sensitive and are in tune with the emotions of other people.

They are also emotional sponges since they can absorb the feelings of other people very easily, which makes them very attractive to narcissists since they see someone who will satisfy all their needs in a disinterested way.

There has never been a union more toxic than the relationship between an empathic and a narcissist.

Empaths are often misjudged as being weak, or victims of their kindness. That is not the case at all. Empaths are strong, resilient individuals, highly sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. However, when narcissists come into action, “victims” is exactly what empaths become, if they do not know how to protect themselves and create barriers.

Empaths are healers of the world, and cannot bear to see when someone is in pain. Because of this, they are attracted to the irreparably damaged narcissist and their pain stories. But a narcissist does not want to be cured, a narcissist wants to manipulate, belittle and, above all, continue being a narcissist.

Even though most empaths are aware that having a relationship with a narcissist is a bad decision, they may not know exactly what they are up to now…

Psychologically speaking, the relationship between an empath and a narcissist is quite interesting, and it is worthy to perform an exhaustive analysis, for which we have defined six stages through which this relationship passes, for your knowledge and possible search for a solution.

  1. More often than not, the empathic individual is the one who takes the first step into the relationship. Empaths are emotionally fragile individuals who are liable to calculated advances of an abusive and manipulative person. In time, the narcissist becomes accustomed to the whole affection and attention of the empath; and so the doomed pairing begins.
  2. The empath starts to grow more and more emotionally invested in this relationship. This is the only way an empathy individual knows how to step into a relationship after all wholeheartedly. And the narcissist will abuse this wholehearted openness to achieve their interests. The narcissist will mislead their partner to actually believe that they are completely safe by investing their feelings and time in the relationship.
  3. The narcissist is going to assure the empath that they are someone who is actually worthy and significant in the relationship even though that may not necessarily be the case. The empath is manipulated into playing a role that they are not even aware they are playing.
  4. As the relationship gets deeper, the empath becomes emotionally more invested, and the more they will grow to depend on their narcissist lover. The empath will begin to see themselves as completely vulnerable to someone who is solely looking to abuse all of their insecurities. The narcissist will convince the empath in the actuality of their own helplessness.
  5. Later on, the narcissist will use the empath’s own feelings against them. They will make the empath feel like they are constantly not good enough for their love and respect. Furthermore, they will make them feel an illusionary sense of appreciation for the narcissist even when there is nothing to be appreciated.
  6. The empath will try to prove themselves by showing more love and affection in an effort to win the narcissist’s affection. But all of their efforts are completely futile. The narcissist only seeks to cause damage and chaos in the whole situation. And these are things that love itself cannot solve.
  7. The empath will begin to realize that things in this relationship are not alright; that things are unquestionably wrong. And they will try to politely discuss the problem with the narcissist, but the narcissist will come up with a way to attack back and make them feel bad and guilty for even exposing the issue in the first place.
  8. The unfortunate empath will continue to wallow in this devastating relationship until someone else will help them rise up and move on with their life. Sometimes, the fragile empath may be powerless to the emotional manipulation of the narcissist and this could even break their will and spirit.

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