9 Warning Signs Of Mental And Emotional Exhaustion Most People Overlook

Getting tired at some point is something that all of us normally go through. Things we can’t control leave us feeling exhausted or drained of energy.

We also tend to get drowned by the myriad of things we need to do in a limited time that these things need to get done. With this daily tasks at hand, how can we know if we’re still functioning normally or has gone beyond our limits?

When we’re too busy thinking about other things, we tend to forget how we’re doing. We only realize we’re doing things wrong when we’re too sick to even work.

You don’t have to wait for this scenario to take place before you’ll say you need to have a break. Certain signals will start to come out when you’re going through a mental and emotional exhaustion.

Take note, though, these warnings can be dangerous as they can impair the relationship you have with yourself and with other people.

9 Warning Signs Of Mental And Emotional Exhaustion:

1. The slightest things irritate you.

It takes very little to irritate you. You feel as if your patience meter is running low. You’re quick to find a fault and may find negativity all around you.

People may keep their distance from you to avoid conflicts. Losing your temper becomes your normal attribute and you even feel hopeless about it.

When you catch yourself under these circumstances, sit back and try to relax. Take slow, deep breaths. Better yet, take a break and free yourself from stress.

2. You’re always running out of time.

You feel you have to always be catching time as if you don’t have enough of it. Aside from running late, you don’t even have time for yourself.

This is a signal that says you need to pamper yourself once again. Go out to a spa or shop the shoes you’ve been wanting to buy.

Treating yourself at times slows you down.

3. You’re losing your motivation.

You start to forget what you’re waking up for or why you’re working. Nothing motivates you anymore. The book that used to inspire you slowly lose its meaning and you’re even losing your faith in life.

Life can be harsh, but you’re in control. Stop pushing yourself too hard when things aren’t working in your favor. Instead, take a rest and regain your positivity once again.

4. You’re finding it hard to fall asleep.

Too much stress could interfere with your body’s normal function. As a result, your nights are harder than your days because falling asleep is a bout you need to win over.

The key here is meditation. Meditate before you sleep. Don’t worry if you can’t calm your mind. Focusing on your deep breaths will do the trick.

Allow your breath to calm your mind and lead you to positivity. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep is enough to keep you mentally and physically fit the next day.

5. You’re feeling nauseated and lethargic.

When you’re too tired, your head feels light making you feel dizzy and nauseated. This is a sign you must never ignore. Or else, your body may break down and may complicate things more.

Rest for a few days to regain your composure back.

6. You’re avoiding responsibilities.

You know you’re a responsible person who is willing to do everything just to get things done. But when you automatically refuse to take in more responsibility, it means you’re feeling the enormous burden you have at the moment and you can’t take it anymore.

If you keep doing this, it might pose a serious problem to your career or even your personal life.

Rather than avoid the responsibilities that keep coming your way, take a break and recharge yourself. It’s a replenishment of energy you need the most.

7. You’re feeling detached.

Nothing seems to matter to you anymore. You don’t feel connected to anyone or even to yourself. You simply lose that connection as if you’re bereft of emotions.

There might be some pain that’s lingering within you. Let it be then let it go. Give yourself enough space and time.

8. You’re feeling anxious more often.

The smallest of things are likely to send you worrying and you can’t help yourself from getting anxious. Even normal things can make you worry.

Worrying too much is a sign that you no longer have space left in yourself for fun and excitement.

Take a break. Ditch that stress by doing the things that lift up your positive vibes and will ultimately calm your mind.

9. You find yourself crying without a valid reason.

You catch yourself crying for no reason at all. You don’t know why, but you just want to cry. The truth is, your body can’t take it anymore and needed to purge some of those pains or stress away.

You’re just too mentally exhausted to handle things. This is your body saying enough.

Your best response would be to take a break. Take some time off. Have enough space to breath and be yourself once again.

Don’t overwork yourself because there’s no point of working too much or taking in too much when it’s not making you happy. You don’t have to lose yourself in the process.

You’re working to make yourself happy and not push it far more than it can handle.