9 Clues That Your Boyfriend Will Surely Cause You Unhappiness Some Day

Perhaps some of you are not going to believe this, but it is very much possible to detect right away if a man is going to turn out being a horrible boyfriend. With only several subtle signs, you will be able to tell if some man is going to make you happy or miserable in your current love relationship.

Sure, there are some skilled manipulators who know how to hide their evil intentions quite well, but, men are not very good at covering up their true intentions. It’s all really just a matter of being able to take things as you see them. And you also have to know where to look if you really want to spot these warning signs. So be sure to guard yourself. You should prepare yourself in case you step into relationships with awful guys by equipping yourself with this valuable knowledge. You don’t want to be the woman whose own ignorance kept you from protecting yourself in the relationship.

So, here are 9 signs that a man is bound to bring you unhappiness in your relationship.

  1. He is already a major disappointment.

No man is perfect. So it’s quite alright if he turns out not to be ideal especially when you’re only getting familiar with each other. However, there is a huge difference between making an occasional mistake and functioning as a completely constant disappointment. If he continuously disappoints you in your early relationship, it’s highly unlikely that things are going to change in the future.

  1. He never apologizes to you.

A man who refuses to say sorry when he is obviously wrong is someone who is too arrogant for his own good. And being in a relationship with such a man will only cause you big disappointment and severe grief.

  1. You never feel safe and secure around him.

Every woman needs a man who makes her feel safe and secure about who she is in her own life and in the relationship. So if early in your relationship, your man makes you feel nervous, insecure and anxious, then that’s probably how things are always going to be further in your romance. You deserve to be loved by someone who doesn’t feed into your insecurities.

  1. He refuses to show you who he truly is within.

You can never really develop complete trust in someone who simply will not open up to you. You cannot possibly be truly happy with a man who refuses to let you in his inner space. So if he is too much closed off in the early stages of your relationship, you need to decide if you have enough patience to actually wait around for him.

  1. His relationship background is a suspicious one.

In this instance, he may open up to you about his former partners and his past relationships; but you don’t like what you discover. It turns out that he is inclined to have unsuccessful relationships with toxic girls. And as a result of this finding, you begin to doubt if he’s even able of making realistic judgment and decisions. You wouldn’t want to have to continuously be questioning your man while you’re with him, would you?

  1. He is constantly surrounded by other attractive women.

First of all, you may consider the possibility that this man is just naturally sociable and friendly. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be completely comfortable with the situation. Having your boyfriend constantly surrounded by other beautiful women while you are together will make you feel uncomfortable and miserable the longer you get involved with him.

  1. He never allows you take the lead in the early relationship.

If your partner is the one who’s constantly running the show, it simply proves that he doesn’t trust in your abilities. He constantly wants to control the very relationship and this could endanger your own happiness, not to mention your freedom as well. Remember: you’re an independent and strong individual who is fully capable of making independent decisions. And if that man doesn’t allow you do that, then you will always be unhappy with him.

  1. He doesn’t have any realistic orientation in life.

A guy who doesn’t know what he wants out of life certainly doesn’t know what he wants out of his relationships either. The ideal partner for you has to be a man with a clear vision. He has to be a man with a focus. If he doesn’t really follow any plan or sense of direction in his life, then he is never going to find fulfillment and happiness. And if you’re seeing a man who cannot be happy on his own, then you too will struggle to be happy with him.

  1. You rarely ever agree on anything important.

Compatibility is always an important factor that determines the happiness of a relationship. If you just can’t be of the same mind on very fundamental matters in your relationship, both of you will have a hard time finding happiness as long as you stay together. You will hardly ever find genuine peace and contentment in one another.

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