I Wish Everyone Knew These 21 Facts About Introverts

People all over the world almost always misunderstand introverts. This group is normally thought to be unsocial and quiet. We really don’t like too much attention. You’ll find us introverts everywhere, silently being a part of the group. And guess what, we are actually fond of being alone most of the times.

I spent my whole life wishing I was friendlier. I saw most of the people around me making new friends, talking a lot, and getting energized through being with people. But recently, I have realized that it’s alright to be an introvert. I’ve learned how to accept what I am and brighten my qualities. They show me what I really am.

Not everyone is an introvert. And those who aren’t, are mostly the people who do not understand introverts. Trust me people, we’re not weird. We simply enjoy being with ourselves.

I listed 21 things that I think people should know about introverts. These might just help you to truly understand your less talky colleague or friend.

1. I must have time to myself to get refreshed.

2. I like being around people, just not all the time.

3. I don’t talk much. But whenever I speak, I’m careful enough to select my words.

4. I’m a great listener. You can come up to speak to me anytime.

5. I enjoy being around outgoing people. It shows how social I can be at times.

6. I’m a likable person if you give some time for me to get comfortable around you.

7. Big groups are too much for me. I like being a part of smaller groups of people.

8. To see my talkative side, just bring up some topic I love. You’ll probably forget I that I don’t usually talk much if you get me started on Harry Potter or superheroes.

9. I like being with myself but I don’t want to be lonely.

10. I like deep conversations. Chit-chat is not my thing.

11. Since I’m a quiet person, I observe everything. I’ve seen and heard it all.

12. Weirdly enough, I work much better when I’m around people.

13. I don’t have enough courage to seek help. So, if I do, you know I genuinely need it.

14. Health, self-care and proper sleep are of big importance to me.

15. Saying yes to trying new things, without overthinking, is hard for me.

16. Parties and meetings tire me out. It needs maximum social interaction. Thus, I need extra time to regain my energy.

17. I like identifying as an introvert. But at times I do envy the friendlier people who can be the star of the party.

18. I try staying away from people I do not connect with. So, if I do give you my time, know that you’re special to me.

19. I’m actually not the most quiet person ever. I just speak when I feel like I have something to talk about.

20. Instead of having lots of people I do not like being with, I like having fewer friends who are special to me.

21. If you manage to gain my trust, I will support you forever. I’m one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

Introverts are self-sufficient. But they do like being around people who are important to them. Instead of pushing them away, you can try to understand who they really are.

I hope these 21 facts about introverts have helped you to understand the introverts around you. And if you are one yourself, I hope to have given you a better understanding of your qualities.


Image via: Pinterest