10 Sure Signs That He Is A Man Worth Keeping By Your Side

Each of us comes to a certain point in our lives where we just grow tired of dating and putting up with relationships that we know aren’t worthwhile. We all wish we would find the right person with whom we can share and enjoy a wonderful life together. And in the pursuit of that person, we all go through heartbreaking and painful romances along the way. And as a result, each love failure leaves us feeling a little more broken, distrustful, cynical, and vulnerable every time.

But that’s just part of the whole package. You are not always going to be able to find the right person on the first try. In fact, that happens only once in a lifetime. Sometimes, you meet someone who develops a romantic interest in you, but you won’t always have the chance to find out if that person is the one you actually want to be with. And when that happens, you have to learn to break up and move forward. You can’t force someone you are simply not meant to be with to be your lifetime partner. No one has ever won in that scenario. You are merely increasing the suffering by doing that to yourself and to your boyfriend.

And there are also going to be several times before you can really be certain that the guy you’re seeing is the one who will make you the happiest woman in the world. Every relationship can take some time for the little details to reveal themselves completely. And while you’re patient, you also wonder about whether this man actually deserves the chance or not.

So, the main question is: How do you know when he’s worthy of your waiting or if it is time for you to move on and look for another?

Well, you won’t have to wonder anymore. There are several clues that you just have to be looking for. The following 10 signs will assure you whether your partner really is the lifetime companion material. Here are 10 the sure signs that indicate that you actually have a guy who is worth holding onto forever.

  1. He accepts the whole picture of you, the good and bad as well.

He loves you but he also understands that you are just a human being and like everyone else you still have your fair share of flaws. But that doesn’t stop him from accepting you for who you are. He would never pressure you into dealing with your imperfections at all cost. He would never make you feel bad about not being perfect.

  1. He is there for you even when it’s challenging or inconvenient.

He is not just there for you when things are running smoothly. He doesn’t’ help you out merely because it benefits him somehow. He is there for you all the time, even when there is no personal gain or interest for him to be.

  1. He always keeps you in the loop when making a decision.

He truly appreciates and asks for your opinion and he values your place in the relationship. He is aware that being with you means that his decisions are no longer isolated from your own. He is always going to ask for what you think about certain things.

  1. He will never accept not growing.

Growth and development are very important aspects of his life. He is never satisfied with merely staying the same old person. He is constantly working on his self-improvement as an individual and as a romantic partner as well.

  1. You share similar values, principles, and views in life.

There is a strong compatibility between you due to the fact that your moral system is comprised of the same elements. You both follow similar principles, which benefits your relationship. There is no need to compromise too much of what you are in order to be together.

  1. He treats you like an equal member of your romance.

He doesn’t place you too high above him by having too higher expectations of you. Nor does he treat you as someone beneath him by disrespecting and belittling you. In his heart and mind, he knows that you are a true equal member of his life.

  1. He does everything possible just to make you happy.

He does whatever it takes just to make you happy and fulfilled because he sees your happiness as his own personal happiness as well.

  1. He always has an open mind and heart for you.

Communication is always a very important aspect of any healthy and stable relationship. So if your boyfriend is someone who isn’t closed off about communicating with you, he is definitely the right person for you. He is the kind of man who would be willing to discuss even difficult issues with you.

  1. He is committed to making your relationship work.

He does not consider any other options anymore. He no longer has the need to think about any other women out there. He is with you and he is really into the whole thing. He is rest assure he won’t want to be with anyone else anymore. This is man won’t be fooling around with you and wasting your time.

  1. He is not scared of putting full effort to be with you.

He knows that being in love with you is a noble quest that requires persistence and commitment. And he really is ready to put complete effort to actually be mature and worthy of your love. He would gladly put aside pride and do whatever it takes to keep your relationship alive and successful.

What about you ladies?

Girls, have you found this man in your life by now? Share your love story with all the other ladies out there!