20 Secrets For A Lasting Relationship

Not all relationships are created equal. Some are complex, some are not. This is so because the success of a relationship depends solely on how the two people involved put in their efforts to make it work.

Even if one partner give their all when the other person is not contributing, the relationship is bound to fail. Both partners should be in the same boat to make their relationship smooth-sailing and lasts through storms and typhoons.

When they know when to give and when to take, no conflict can ever destroy the relationship they both take good care of.

How to do this? Here are some guidelines you may want to try doing to make your relationship work.

20 Secrets For A Lasting Relationship:

1. Be affectionate without saying a word.

Showering your partner with hugs and kisses even without uttering a word can make them feel how deeply they are loved and cherished. Not only this can make you closer but can keep you healthy as well.

It’s been said we need at least 16 hugs a day. You both enjoy yours.

2. Be polite and mindful of your manners.

They love you sure, but this does not entitle you to let loose of your manners. Act politely and excuse yourself whenever you feel you’re gassy or feel like burping.

They might not mind it but being mindful of your manners is a sure way of not offending them.

3. Never stop being romantic and surprise them with small gifts.

No matter how long you’ve been together, having special date nights keep the romance alive. Pay attention to what they like and shower them with gifts from time to time.

4. Befriend their friends.

Even if you dislike their friends, befriending them makes your partner happy. But don’t do it when it’s against your will because it will make you a fake. You do it as a sign of respect for your partner.

Besides, who knows, as you get to know their friends better, you may get comfortable in their presence.

5. Be appreciative.

If they did something worthy of appreciation, let them know no matter how small that could be. They will then come to know that even small things matter to you.

6. Be open about your feelings.

At times, people do things without intent. If they’ve offended you without their awareness, tell them. They may not be intuitive to be able to read your mind.

7. Admit your fault.

Own your mistakes whenever you make one. Not because you know they love you, you demand them to understand you to the extent of tolerating your mistakes.

8. Shower them with compliments.

If they look great with their new hairstyle, let them know it. Compliments not only make them feel good but inspires them to look their best for you.

9. Help them out without criticizing them.

People do make mistakes. If they commit one and ask for your thoughts about it, don’t make them feel bad the more by criticizing them. Instead, help them see the possible solutions to avoid committing the same mistakes again.

10. Give them space.

No matter how you want your partner to be always around, this is not healthy for the both of you because you need to give time to your own individuality.

Giving each other space provides you a room to breathe and a great opportunity to miss each other as well. As it’s been said, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

11. Don’t forget your own needs.

As you aim to make your partner happy, don’t set aside to fulfill your own needs. Continue to follow your life aspirations as it is part of your own individuality.

Never take for granted your own person because that’s who your partner falls for in the first place.

12. Be the best person you can be.

Continue your inner work of becoming the best version of yourself. The more you strive to improve yourself, the more valuable you become in the eyes of your partner.

13. Be always supportive.

Your support is important for your partner in achieving their goals, be it personal or relational. Encourage them when they need it and let them know that you got their back.

14. Allow them to focus on the things that interest them.

Though, doing things together is fun, having separate interests expands both of your worlds. By sharing what you each learn from separate activities, you will learn something without doing it firsthand.

15. Avoid keeping score.

Never count how many times you’ve done something exceptional for the relationship nor of the times your partner unintentionally hurts you. Keeping score is destructive when all your partner needs is a gentle nudge to keep your relationship working.

16. Be adaptable.

Along the attraction you have for each other might be certain differences. This may include not sharing the same beliefs or some quirks they have that they just couldn’t give up.

The truth is you can’t change your partner into someone they’re not. You have to adjust and simply adopt the things they get used to as long as it’s not hurting you or the relationship.

17. Be cooperative.

Cooperation is key in strengthening a relationship. Whether it be emotional or physical, cooperating with each other makes the task at hand easier to accomplish.

18. Grow as a couple.

Your relationship is bound to last when you have open communication. This means talking each other a lot about the things that work or don’t work in your relationship.

When you do this, you grow as a couple and not just as individuals.

19. Be forgiving.

Making mistakes is inevitable. Thus, you should be open to forgiving each other’s mistakes. Forgiveness also means letting go.

Let the past belong to the past and focus on the present where you have all the opportunity to make things right.

20. Make plans and forget all about them.

Having plans for your relationship is helpful because it serves as a guide to where you want your relationship to be in a certain time frame.

However, you’re not in control of everything and things may not always fall the way you want them to. Let your plans serve as guides but be open to every possibility along the way.

When you both do your best to make the relationship work every single day, it invites the best to come for the both of you.