What Happens When An Empath And A Narcissist Get Together In A Relationship

When these two get together, things are never going to work.

There are some relationships where two people just get together and they manage to beat all the odds that are set against them. If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be and there’s just not much more to it. And while that is true, the opposite is just as true as well. There are just some relationships where two people get together and things never work out because the odds have been stacked against them since the beginning. The strongest and healthiest kinds of relationships are the ones that push us to always become better people. They are the relationships that make us want to constantly improve ourselves on a daily basis.

To put things simply, the best kinds of relationships are the ones that make us decent human beings. And the opposite is also true in this case. The worst kinds of relationships are the toxic ones that turn the people involved into bitter, broken, and toxic people as well. And while it can be hard to control who it is you might develop feelings for, you have to try your best to make sure that you don’t fall for someone who is bad for you.

A lot of people will make the mistake of getting into a relationship with someone they aren’t meant to be with in any capacity. And when that happens madness ensues. Two people get emotionally invested in one another and then when things start to get dark and heavy, all of the toxicity comes out and reigns supreme in the romance. And don’t just buy into the whole opposites attract saying. That’s not always true particularly in the case of a narcissist and an empath. There are just so many reasons why an empath and a narcissist should never get into a relationship with one another. It’s only going to breed a lot of negative vibes for them and for anyone else who is uncomfortable enough to get caught as collateral damage.

Why? Well, it’s because these two individuals just have their own personality traits that don’t necessarily mesh well with one another’s. And as a result, the sheer incompatibility and reckless emotion can destroy them both. So if you’re wondering exactly what a relationship between an empath and a narcissist would look like, then read the following steps:

1. More likely than not, the empath is the one who takes the initial dive in the relationship. They are emotionally fragile individuals who are susceptible to calculated advances of a manipulative and abusive individual. The narcissist will grow to become accustomed to the attention and affection of the empath; and so the unfortunate pairing ensues.

2. The empath is going to start to grow emotionally invested in the relationship in a significant manner. That is the only way an empath knows how to get into a relationship after all wholeheartedly. And the narcissist will use this to their advantage. They will lead the empath to believe that they are being safe by emotionally investing themselves in the relationship.

3. The narcissist is going to make the empath believe that they are a person of actual worth and significance in the relationship even though that isn’t necessarily the case. The empath is being made to merely play a part that they aren’t aware they’re playing.

4. The deeper the relationship gets, the more invested the empath becomes, and the more dependent they will grow to be on their narcissist partners. They will start to feel completely vulnerable to a person who is looking to pray on all of their insecurities. The narcissist will make the empath believe in their own helplessness.

5. The narcissist will use the empath’s emotions against them. They will make them feel like they are constantly not being enough in the relationship. They will make them feel a false sense of gratitude for the narcissist even when there’s nothing to be grateful for.

6. The empath will try to overcompensate with more love and affection in an effort to please the narcissist. But all of this is futile. The narcissist just seeks damage and chaos from the whole situation. And these are things that affection can not fix.

7. The empath will start to realize that things aren’t ideal; that things are significantly wrong. And they will try to passively confront the narcissist about it, but the narcissist will find a way to turn things around on them and make them feel bad for even asking in the first place.

8. The empath will continue to wallow in this miserable relationship until someone else will help lift them out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves. The empath will be helpless to the emotional manipulation of the narcissist and it could end up breaking their spirit.