These 20 Things Show That Your Life Is Much Better Than You Realize

Whenever you feel like life is pushing you too hard or things are not going as well as planned, take some time to reconsider your perception of the current situation. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by negative emotions, frustrations or the mere exhaustion of our body causes us to feel like we can’t cope with things in life. That is just the right time to detach yourself from all the worry and stress and take a better look at your life.

Here are 20 signs that your life is actually much better than what you think.

1. You can manage to get all your bills paid.

This simple task itself is an actual achievement. If you happen to have something saved for some sweet indulging, we congratulate you on your bonus.

2. You don’t take anything for granted anymore.

You have matured and don’t think you have the answer to all questions and problems. Being more realistic with yourself, you are now ready to learn and put aside old concepts and beliefs. Your gates for self-growth and development are still wide open.

3. You have a steady job to go back to.

Even if it may not be the kind of job you hoped for, or maybe the payment is less- but the fact is that it’s a valuable experience from which you learn a lot and be self-reliant.

4. You make the time for all the things you enjoy.

It might be something as ordinary as a movie night watching your favorite movie or TV show. Still, having time for such leisure activities is seriously underrated in modern living.

5. You don’t worry about your next meal of the day.

You are already much better off than so many people out there if you have enough food in your refrigerator. It doesn’t have to be a real feast for you to be grateful for it.

6. For you, eating food is not just for survival.

And you still allow yourself to indulge sometimes. You have various options when it comes to food. Think of all those people who manage to survive on a single meal a day or even less!

7. You have several people you genuinely feel as your own.

Although you might not have a lot of friends, even having someone to call your own is a great blessing already.

8. You can afford to reach to your place of work. And still enjoy a several treats.

You do not need to cut your expenses on important things to make somehow it through the day.

9. You have had the opportunity to grow as a person.

Who you are currently is not in a static position. Your personality has changed from what you were only last year and you will continue to evolve even more as a person.

10. You have just the right resources to do things aside from the minimal necessity.

You can buy a book that you like or take a trip to some special place. It’s not a problem for you to take a day off from work if you’re not feeling well. Working 24/7 constantly is not crucial for your very survival.

11. You have more than a pair of clothes to pick from.

Although it might appear like you never have anything great to wear, you actually do. Even if your options are limited to 5 to 10 pieces of clothes, you should be thankful for having as much. Many people don’t.

12. You are aware of your life.

You know who and what you are as a human being and are open to communicate sincerely with your inner self.

13. In the end, you can be proud because you have endured so much.

You have had a tough past and it took some real courage and strength to reach to the point where you are currently, but eventually, you still did it. You should be proud of yourself!

14. You have a place of your own.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most luxurious apartment in the city.

15. You’ve had quite a few relationships.

And you have learned a lot about yourself and your love life from them. What’s most important is the fact that you were able to move on when needed.

16. You have a vast interest in life.

You are always excited about doing something new and learning more about these things makes you fulfilled.

17. You are self-reliant and don’t need someone to take care of you.

Sure you appreciate the support from other people but the important thing is you know exactly what you need to get better.

18. You have a goal you strive to accomplish.

Such a goal gives your life a precise direction and a fresh enthusiasm every morning.

19. You are aware that you don’t have to settle for anything in life.

You’ve struggled very hard to get to the point where you are now and you acknowledge your real value.

20. You’ve had your share of rough times.

And it was these periods in your life that have made you a stronger person and taught you that you can overcome every difficulty.