How to Prepare Alkaline Water “Elixir” to Fight Acidosis?

There are various reasons for the cause of Acidosis- due to the wrong intake of food, the presence of toxins in our daily life, or it may cause because of the day-to-day stress and tension that we are facing in our modern life.

Some of the symptoms of being too acidic are, feeling tired often gaining weight at a rapid pace, and suffering from various digestive issues.

If our body exceeds the limit of acidic elements then this may lead the general cells of our body to be toxic. This can sometimes be dangerous. The common remedy from this problem is Alkalinity.

If we look at the ph scale ranging from 0-14, 14 is considered as the most alkaline, 0 being the most acidic, and 7 is marked as the neutral point.

This ph level is required by our different parts in different proportions. But for a good health, the ph level must be 7.5. The following list shows the requirement of ph levels by our different body parts

Ph level of skin is 5

Ph level of saliva is 6.5 -7

Ph level for our digestive tract may vary from 1.5-7

According to Dr Otto Warburg, the Nobel Prize winner of 1931 in Physiology/Medicine, the main cause of cancer is due to the acidic environment.

He also stated in his report that the germs of cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body having the ph level of 7.6

Some of the common diseases that can well develop in an over-acidic body are diabetes, cardiac disorder,and even osteoporosis.

How to know that our body is prone to acidity?

Any common man can perform this simple test with the help of a ph paper and their sample of saliva.

Here is a list of some of the common symptoms of acidity.

  • Muscle pain due to sudden cramps
  • Unable to inhale air properly
  • Chronis tiredness
  • Feeling restless and unable to take a breath.

When our body experiences a decrease in the ph level, certain body organs like liver, kidneys,and lungs start collecting the highly acidic substances in order to keep the ph balance at a fixed level of 7.35-7.45.

This process of accumulating the highly acidic substance has an adverse effect on our body. These acidic substances gradually attack the normal cell of our body and destroy them by making them toxic.

If no measures are taken to control this damage cells they will eventually contaminate the other body parts.

How to fight Acidosis?

The main cause of acidity or Acidosis is based on our regular diet. We often tend to take various processed food in our everyday life. But they are very harmful because of the presence of various acidic substances in them. If we take caffeine, sugar,and alcohol on a regular basis then we are quickly advancing to chronic Acidosis.

If you want to fight with Acidosis you have to make certain changes in your regular diet. Not only this, you also have to start regular intake of alkaline water along with your normal diet.

The alkaline solution helps to fight Acidosis and keeps our body healthy both internally and externally which in turn protect us from many chronic diseases.

Recipe to make the Alkaline solution

Ingredients needed-

  • I big glass jar
  • Himalayan salt which is easily available in most of the health food store
  • 2 litre of purified water, and
  • 1 medium sized lemon

Preparation method

  • Wash the lemon properly before cutting it and do not peel off the lemon.
  • Pour the purified water into the large glass jar.
  • Lastly, add the sliced lemon along with the Himalayan salt in the water and cover it properly.
  • Keep the solution undisturbed for about 24 hours in the room temperature.

Your alkaline water is ready for you.  Regular intake of this Alkaline solution before breakfast (3 glasses) will gradually increase your metabolism. This will eventually make you more energetic and improve your brain making it more active.  You can also notice your skin glowing being cleared away from all the impurities.

It must be always remembered that Alkaline water alone cannot prevent you from Acidosis.  In addition to the alkaline water, you must also take a balanced and healthy diet to boost up your metabolic system.

You must say a big NO to the intake of excess sugar, and oily food. It is only then you can lead a healthy and protected life.