The Reason Why Empaths Have a Strong Feeling Of Inadequacy…

If you are an empath you are readily touched by the emotions and feelings of other people. But an empath is quite different from the highly sensitive people. The life of an empath is easily influenced by others’ desires, thoughts, and thinking. Empathy is the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.

But the question is, why the Empaths think that they are losing their individuality, and they have a strong feeling of not belonging?

Most of the Empaths possess a strong character trait that makes them feel that they are not a part if this real world. And they are forcefully fitted into this practical world. They often feel themselves like someone who is completely unfit in this world and that they are being forcefully fitted in this society where they find themselves as a complete mismatch, or they start feeling of not belonging. They are afraid of being engulfed or losing their identity.

We eventually find some people whom we consider that they are the so-called happy and good people. They have no problems with the rules made by the society and they happily and sincerely follow those rules. They always remain satisfied with the existing system and they can even adjust themselves easily with others. They never show signs of dissatisfaction even if they are not. They might never question or opposition to any odd practice prevailing in the society. It sometimes makes us wonder that why we can’t fit ourselves and they can do it easily?

There are many reasons why the Empaths have a strong feeling of not belonging according to us.

The Empaths are mainly characterized by the feature of experiencing the feelings and emotions of others. But this character trait of the Empaths must not be considered that they are greatly connected to the people around them. It can be rather said that the Empaths experience the world through their intuition and gut feeling. They are often swayed by the emotions of others and subsequently lose their own identity.

Empaths are very good at understanding the mental conditions of others, whether they are nervous, or angry or depressed. They can easily spot someone who is untruthful or someone who acts to be good though in reality, he might be different . Though they can understand others – both their mental and physical pain it is not always that they accept or like others’ way. They often feel alienated from the others. This, in turn, leads them to think that they are not belonging to this world.

Most of the Empaths discover themselves only after crossing through many hardships and challenging times. An Empath can recognize themselves as the most Sensitive being only after knowing themselves completely.

And when they unveil this hard reality they might find it difficult to handle their emotions as well as the emotions of others. Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s feelings and this often makes the Empaths overwhelmed and they search chances of spending times of loneliness and solitude. This, in turn, deepens their feeling of being alienated from the world.

It is very common for all the Empaths that they begin their journey only after travelling through the path of ignorance and finally come to the enlightened path of their reality.  After passing this difficult time the Empaths can prove them to be better. But the good things often come to them after the happening of something bad.

But still, the question remains unresolved that ‘why the Empaths think that they are not belonging to this world?’

Life is like a flowing river and we have to learn the various lessons of life in between our lifelong journey. The Empaths are not the exceptions. They have to learn and understand about themselves –their own truth. During this search for their own place in this world, they will start to realize that they are longer a stranger to this world and society but they also belong to this society and are a part of this society. This, in turn, will help them to improve themselves in every way. This will eventually make them stronger and healthier from inside and they will be no longer depending on others for solving their problems. Now they will start looking at themselves from their own point of view.

Being an Empath is a gift itself to the society, but this cruel society continues to dictate the Empaths- tries to teach them how to think, and how to be happy and educated. But to be happy does not depend on others’ feeling of happiness. It’s fully personal. And the Empaths are quite aware of that.

Everybody has a different view of feeling, thinking and looking into the perspective of life. Like the other members of the society, the Empaths are unique and no one can dump their feelings upon them. They have the full freedom to discover themselves. But often it is found that they experience the brutal feeling of insecurity and insignificance.

It is really very painful that the Empaths feel that they are being alienated from this world. But the fact is that they are the one who can find the secret of an unknown person. It is really difficult for them to stand right in this world full of wrongs.


But, the Empaths have to take care of themselves. They should not lose faith in themselves, rather try to work on themselves. They must learn to listen to their inner voice so that they can know the importance of their presence in this world.

Though the Empaths feel that they cannot fit in this world if they build the strong feeling of self-love for themselves they can surely erase their ‘sense of not belonging to this world’