19 Things You Can Always Control

Even though people say that you cannot control everything, there are things you can always control.

And when you realize this, those things become enough to be completely in control of everything you always wanted to and more.

We are all powerful, however, we seek our power in all the wrong places that we have nothing to do with really.

We look for things and titles to give us power and we turn our back on the main thing.

We always have power within us. We always have enough control for everything we want to be and live any way we want to live. But this power is within us.

It is awakened when you let go of everything you think you can control and take control of the only thing you were always in control, yourself.

Here Are Some Things You Are Truly In Control Of:

1. What kind of food you eat.

2. Your beliefs.

3. Your attitude.

4. Your thoughts.

5. Your perspective.

6. How honest you are.

7. Your circle of friends.

8. How much you exercise and what kind of exercises you do.

9. Your focus.

10. How many risks you take.

11. Who you will listen to.

12. How kind you are to yourself and others.

13. Your words and who you say them to.

14. How you express your feelings.

15. Whether or not you will ask for help.

16. How often you are being grateful.

17. How many times you smile.

18. How often you judge others.

19. Whether or not you will try again after a mistake.