What Happens When You Fall For A Girl Who Loves You Unconditionally…

And, so it goes…Another pointless day passes by in your life. You get up and get going with your daily things. You try to maintain relationships which clearly aren’t working out. Just for the sake of being in a relationship. Because of the very fear of ending up alone.

You try to keep a positive outlook on the world. You try to love. But, nothing really seems like it makes any sense at all.

You know, that inexplicably extraordinary feeling when you fell in love? Oh yes, that one alright… You sure miss it.

And then, one day, unexpectedly, you finally meet her. The one girl who seems to understand how your heart beats from the very moment your eyes met. Your destined somebody who recognized your soul from past lives.

The girl who is not afraid of revealing her soul to you. The one who will love you with her whole heart.

She has the power to help you open your heart to all the things you were once afraid of. This girl will make you aware of your deepest and most sincere feelings, and she will completely expose your vulnerability. And she is here to finally show you that true love does exist. All of this simply happens when you least expect it.

She is the one who will also reveal the deepest, darkest sides of her personality and will introduce you to real honesty. She will trust you with all her secrets and will stay all night long just to listen to yours. She will listen to you with an open mind and heart and assure you that your heart is fully safe with her.

The girl who loves “too much” is a fighter. Her heart never gave up on love, no matter how hard life kicked her in the teeth. She was hurt, and her heart knew pain, but she never let fear to overshadow her soul.

She learned that the only way someone can experience true love is by surrendering unconditionally, and that’s why this girl will never be scared to be the one who cares more.

She will never be the one who is too afraid to say that she loves you. She doesn’t shy away from her true feelings because she knows the only genuine power people possess inside themselves is the power of love. It is the most powerful, most compelling, magnificent force in the universe.

This girl will give you butterflies in your stomach, and you will experience that ideal love we all see in movies and the love that happens to every one of us, once in a lifetime.

However, know that she will also make you question yourself ha you ever really loved before. If all the relationships before her even deserved to be called a true love. She is the one that will make you ask her “Where have you been my whole life?!”

This precious female will always have plenty ways to let you know how she feels about you. As time goes by, she will keep describing her feelings to you in a way you have never even imagined before.

But most importantly, she will love you for what you truly are. She will never try to change even the slightest things about you. She will openly embrace your imperfections and quirks and love you precisely because of them.

This girl will gather all the smallest broken pieces of your heart and patch them all together. She girl will make you forget all the pain of the past by healing your wounds and putting a smile in place of your tears.

She will accept you even during those moments when it’s hard for you to accept yourself. This strong female will teach you what it takes to love yourself. She is the type of girl who carries this pure and loving heart that will show you that the only way to grasp eternal happiness is by first, accepting and loving who you are.

This is the one girl who will never ever give up on you. The one who will love you like no girl has ever loved you before.

And it is only when you fall crazy in love with such a girl, that you’ll truly understand what true love is really all about.