Eliminate Pain,Stomach Acid And Strep Throat With These Mint Recipes

Since the time of Hippocrates and Dhanwantari, mint as a herb that has been used for medicinal purposes throughout the civilization. Be it as a substitute for medicine that could react in a wrong way to certain individuals, or because it came in way cheaper, mint has always been a favorite due to the freshness it provides, and also the advantages that it comes with.

Mint has the highest percentage of anti-oxidants present in any herb. Apart from that, using it as a cooking delicacy also makes the food more tender and healthier. Honestly, there are a very few number of food items that are as beneficial as mint.

Mint is used as a natural remedy for gas, stomach acid and pain, diarrhea, asthma, bloating, bronchitis, throat pain and sinus, stress, cough, kidney and pancreatic issues. Mint can help in several serious afflictions than it appeared useless. Reducing nausea, stomach pain, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol etc., they are also useful in treating several other injuries, bruises, rashes etc. All mints are nutritious, but Peppermint works the best.

Mint Tea for Throat Infection

-Two tbsps. of dry wild mint

– Two tbsps. ff sage

Boil 700 ml of water in a pan, and add two table spoons of both dry wild mint and sage. Let it soak in the moisture and flavor of the mints for two hours when you need to strain it, and then pour it into a cup. Next, gargle and floss your mouth with that tea.

Mint Tea for Stomach Pain

-2 tbsp of Mint

-2 tbsp of St. John’s Wort

-2 tbsp of thyme

-2 tbsp of Basil

Take 700 ml of water and put this mixture in it. Stir it nicely and let it extract the flavor from the mixture. After two hours, take it out and then drink it to cure your stomach, before having your meal.

Mint Tea To Cure Stomach Acid

1 tbsp of mint

-1 tbsp of walnut leaves

-1 tbsp of nettle leaves

To cure stomach acid, and the entailing acid reflux, try adding the entire mixture to 700 ml of boiling water. Like the rest, let it soak it in the flavor and the minerals which after two hours you should drink before having your meal. Add this to your daily planner for the next 5 days.

Mint Solution for Indigestion

1 tbsp mint leaf juice

-1 tbsp lime juice

-1 tbsp honey

Take the three juices, and mix them together in a container, which you should then take thrice a day, between meals.

Mint Juice for Tuberculosis

1 tbsp fresh mint juice

-2 tbsp fresh malt vinegar

-2 tbsp honey

-4 ounce carrot juice

Mix them nicely with the carrot juice and let it seep in for a couple of hours. Next, take them before meals thrice a day. This would help with tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma, along with other respiratory diseases.

Mint leaves have always been a part of Ayurvedic medicine. Whether it works or not is debatable, but trying it out wouldn’t result in side effects, and that is a guarantee.