Here’s what you should do if your Twin Flame is Older Than You

Relationships are difficult things to handle as it is and it gets even more difficult if you are in one with your twin flame.

First, let’s get a definition going: A person with whom you share a connection that feels centuries old. When you two meet, it’s like the pieces of the cosmic jigsaw fit in to form an eternal love story. You awaken each other, physically, mentally, sexually and spiritually, making each other better persons as a whole. This phenomenon was named “soulmate” by Plato and to be honest, the name makes sense: you complete each other’s souls.

So what happens when there is a considerable age gap between the two of you? What happens when one of the flames has been burning for a longer time?

On the surface level, it might be difficult to adjust to a relationship with someone who is considerably older than you. It might be complicated to discuss things with someone who is from an earlier generation altogether. There might be problems of communication and problems of adjustment.

The first step would be:


Understanding the situation and not giving up on a meaningful relationship is the first and foremost thing to do. This would cause both partners to take the first step towards bridging the gap between their psychologies and thought processes.

And that is the secret to any successful and ideal relationship – understanding. Sweeping things under the carpet can never be wise and it is definitely not a prudent thing to do in a relationship of twin flames.

Such a bond is worth all the sacrifices and suffering, which of course can be eased if the individuals seek help from each other.

The maturity of one of the partners

The second point in this context is acknowledging the maturity of one of the partners.

This is one of the ways in which they better you through the relationship. This is one of the ways in which you learn more and grow more mature.

Life is a learning curve throughout and what better person to learn from than someone with whom you share a bond as eternal as the cosmos itself.

It is always a magical experience to learn from someone with whom you share your soul, because in the process you happen to learn more about yourself too.

All this is however subject to one condition: that your soulmate/twin flame is the one you are in a romantic relationship with. Soulmates come in many shapes, sizes and personalities. Many people bond with their pets essentially better than they bond with any human being they meet in life. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as your relationship resonates brightly enough to light your heart up, and gets you going on the path to a higher spiritual awakening, it’s more than ideal.


What’s more, you might just be platonic.

After all, soulmates come in all kinds of shapes like we said. You might find your twin flame in a friend, or a cousin.

You can find peace just by talking to them, you can grow with them and help each other wake up spiritually by using the unique bond you share.

In conclusion, what we would like to point out is, it doesn’t matter who or what your twin-flame is. What matter is, neither of you are giving up on each other. What matters is, you two walking down the path of righteousness; the straight and narrow as it were, and inspire each other every single day to reach your fullest human potential.

If that works out well, the rest are just unnecessary details in an otherwise engrossing and magical story.