8 Ways To Spot Fake Nice Persons And How To Handle These Pretenders

In life, we come across different types of people, some of which are good, and others not so good. It can be tricky to find out which ones are real and which people are fake.

Almost always it takes time to learn the true personality of someone you’ve just met. But, in this article, we will focus on fake nice people.

When we say that someone is fake we refer to a person who hides their true intentions or feelings before other people, for convenience.

They appear kind, but it is their kindness that covers up their hidden interests and deep frustrations. Hypocrisy is almost the same; this refers to the inconsistency between what is defended and what is done.

With fake people, at first, you have endless talks about everything, and you tell them your most hidden secrets. Eventually, they expose you and talk bad about you behind your back.

Although they appear to be nice people, in the end, they turn out to be very toxic persons. Most probably, you’ve all had a fake friend once in a while in your life.

We all know that friendships truly matter, and we should care for them, but we also need to know how to make a distinction between fake and real friends to protect ourselves safe from being devastated by fake people.

First, we have compiled a list that can help you determine that someone is indeed a real friend to you. This is what real friends do to others:

1. Real friends spend quality time with you – Regardless of how busy they are, your real friends will always find some time to spend with you. After a long exhausting day, they will still hang out with you for a while. They value friendship.

2. They accept you exactly as you are – If you’re the one in the group who speaks too loud, or makes crazy dance movies, they will accept you. In fact, a real friend is the one who always accepts you with all of your strong points and flaws.

3. They keep in touch – Even if you have a long-distance friendship, this will not stop a real friend from keeping in touch with you. They will call you, send you messages, photos, etc.

4. Real friends forgive and forget – All humans make mistakes. So, the one who is a good friend will always forgive you and correct you if necessary. While on the other hand, a fake nice person will point out your faults whenever they can.

5. They accept your decisions and choices – Real friends will always accept what you’ve decided and chosen to do with your life. Criticizing you is something they will never do. They have faith in you, so they will support you and everything you do in life.

Still, knowing who your real friends are is not enough. So, here is a list of signs by which you can detect a fake friend. With these signals, it will be easier for you to recognize a fake nice person.

1. Gossiping is what they do constantly

Fake people want to spend time with you just to gossip about others. What’s even worse, they may be doing the same with other people, but then, they would be gossiping about you.

2. They demand to be your priority

Although he/she would never do the same, a fake friend wants you to give them the highest priority in your life. What these self-centered people want is to feel very important. They have that unquenchable need to be the center of your world, and if this does not happen, they get enraged.

3. Sarcasm is in their character

Fake friends want to get from you whatever they want, but when they fail to do so, they may use sarcastic attacks in order to insult you. Making you feel guilty and bad about yourself is what makes them feel better.

4. They see everyone as their competition (even their friends!)

Fake persons see everything and everyone as a part of the competition. They strongly believe they are better than you and everyone else. In fact, they even believe they are the best at everything. Their competitive nature makes them eager to win at everything no matter the costs! Be cautious because they may even hurt you and others.

5. Disappointments are what you’ll get from them

When you first meet them, these so-called “friends” will make all sorts of promises and plans, but in the end, they will disappoint you. And, when you try to discuss the situation with them, they may manipulate or verbally insult you.

6. They respect only people with power

While real friends respect all people, fake ones respect only people of might. The reason for this is because fake people think they can use powerful people. So, if you notice that someone is not nice to people with no power, it may be because they carry a hidden agenda.

7. Fake nice people are huge attention seekers!

These people are simply crying out for more attention. They are desperate enough to do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight. Often, they may lie to others in order to make themselves appear better.

8. They brag about their accomplishments

If a person cannot be quiet about the things they’ve accomplished, and continuously brags about how successful and capable they are, then, they are surely fake nice people. These braggarts simply cannot wait to achieve something in order to brag about it all day long.

Now you know the ways to spot a fake nice person. We hope you’ll be careful next time when you meet a new person.

How You Should Deal With Fake People

First of all, try to understand that whenever you meet a person you’re not very fond of, you have the choice to avoid them. Or, if you already know someone who you suspect is fake, you can reduce your time with them.

Second, you should control yourself when you are facing fake behavior. If the person behaves in an annoying way, be careful not to burst out every time they are near you. Except, when they insult you, you can defend your dignity.

Furthermore, you could try finding out what makes someone behave badly. When you reveal the reasons for their bad behavior, it may be easier for you to handle them.

It is crucial that you stop sharing your deepest secrets with them. Since they are eager to learn something about you in order to use it against you, you need to be very careful. So, when you do not expose intimate things about you, they could try to use other ways to get into your privacy.

Also, you can let these fake nice people know that you prefer and appreciate having genuine people in your life. You can tell them that having truly good people in your life is what brings you happiness. Who knows, maybe they will even change their demeanor.

Ultimately, if you’ve ever had a fake friend, and you felt bad when you discovered they aren’t what they appeared to be, you can find new friends, real friends. Keep in mind that having a fake friend does not stop you from ever finding a real one. The world is full of amazing new people just waiting to be your friends!