The Strange Behaviors Of a True Empath. Have You Noticed Any Of These In You?

You’ve learned that you might be another empath in this world and you want to know the exact signals. Hey, maybe being an empath is not all as bad as you think!

Once you learn how to master these techniques of psychic protection, you will find it much easier for you to handle this world without being drained energetically all the time.

1.You Absorb The Energy Of Other People

You really cannot help it. This is the key feature of empathy. You feel the energy and emotions of another person, then you begin to vibrate to the same emotion. If another is crying, you can start crying. Somebody is angry – you can feel this anger literally light up your aura. Someone is negative and fearful – you sink with these people, and it seems you cannot help it! Does it sound familiar to you? The good news is that once you consciously realize that this is not normal (non-empathic people don’t do any of these things) then you are halfway to finding a solution to this. Who wants to vibrate with the emotions of others all day? It is quite exhausting.

2.High Natural Intuition

You have an intuition for certain things, but does not it happen to everyone? Not really, as an empath, you have unique abilities that others do not seem to have. Being empathic is a bit like being clairvoyant, except that a clairvoyant perceives things without “capturing” emotions. As an empath, you feel things psychically. You already know what others feel just by looking at them. You talk to them and you can learn their true intentions without hearing them from their lips. You understand how they think as if they were an extension of yourself. It is easy. You know what you know.

3.People Drain You Easily

This can be a big problem for you. When you are close to other people, you are giving so much that you face the emotions or problems of others, and you feel tired as a result. If you are doing this every day, voluntarily giving your energy to help others, you realize that there is not much left for you. Each time you get more and more exhausted and perhaps even irritated, angry or feeling more used. Something you have to give. But the answer is that you back out and stop giving yourself so easily. Just give it to those who have the right to take it, like your close people. Take more time for yourself and love yourself.

4.You Attract Broken Persons

People can approach you in public places, at work, etc., because you are sending a message to the universe that you will give time to strangers, you will listen and you will offer them some relief. This is nice, is it not? Maybe, until you run out of time and energy. When an empath begins to ignore strangers with problems, as if it were magic, they stop approaching you. It is as if they perceive that you have other issues, and not a big shoulder for them to cry on. This activity will stop. You were not born on this planet to heal every broken person that appears in your path.

5.Messy Crowds Affect You

This may sound strange, but not for empaths. Crowded places, noisy events, streets or wild parties can entangle your senses in a huge and overloaded mess, with simultaneous emotions coming to you from all directions. It sounds like a living nightmare, right? With some proper shielding, however, this energy will be practically annulled. You can feel the moods or the predominant energy of people as they walk with you. An aggressive person who passes can feel like an energetic punch or a slap in your face when he passes by your side. A softer soul will not emit such a blow and will appear silent in comparison.

6.The Place Where You Live Is Important

Some empaths may feel the pain of the world as a curse. Others are only aware of the energy of the city or the neighborhood in which they live. Many empaths end up living in smaller areas where the population’s energy is less direct. Living in a very lively area, such as a downtown, or a dangerous area, or a densely populated area, can drain the empath. As an empath, don’t you love taking a walk in the countryside in a lonely place to recharge your batteries?

7.You Are VERY Sensitive

This is a fact. You do not like to see any living being in pain or suffering because you suffer right next to them. Some empaths may even feel physical symptoms that coincide with what others are experiencing. If the violence on TV is extreme, you could change the channel. If there is an unpleasant scene, an argument or someone being bullied, you can even leave the room if you cannot help them. You do not want to see it or feel it.

8.You can often see through the lies of others

You know when other people are lying. You do not know how, but you know it immediately. Don’t you see that you are an empath? Who do you think cheat? You hold it and let it go because you cannot always try it. But you know who to trust and who not to. Actually, it’s easy. Some lies are so childish.

9.Emotional healing is your gift

Through your compassion and the time you spend understanding the pains of others, you are healing them. Yes, this is one of your gifts. This is related to point 4. That’s why you attract all those people who are in need of healing. You can really help your loved ones by offering them this gift of listening and providing them with true understanding and care. Not everyone does this for other people. Use this gift whenever necessary.

You will learn who to heal and who not to. Some people will take your healing and then they will kick you in your teeth. Discover who your true friends are before offering this incredible gift of yours. You have something quite genuine and precious to offer the world, so you understand its value because it’s worth a lot.

Do not be discouraged if you are an empath. People would do anything to be your friends and heal every time they talk to you. But then you already know this. So be careful who your real friends are and who just want to snatch your gift.

10.Empaths ignore their own issues

Finally, you may be ignoring your own problems, which you should really pay attention to. You’re so busy with healing others that you never get to talk about your own needs. You carry the weight of other people’s problems along with yours. When is your healing time?

You know you’re a strong individual and with numerous problems, but are you suppressing all of your own things, in favor of helping everyone else? You may reject it and you do not even realize it. But surely at some time or another, you may find yourself in a crisis. All those emotions and problems have to come up to heal at some point.

Learn to deal with your own problems as they arise. Do not take them inside in order to care for others without stopping. Take a day, a week, or as much time as you need to solve them. This way, you will not sink, explode or break at some point in the future.