Physical Intimacy And Aural Energy – How Intercourse Affects A Person’s Aura & Ways To Cleanse It

Aura is the biological energy field of a person. Everything in the world consists of information, including matter.

Information is a different kind of vibration that exists in all and have a different frequency. And if you understand the structure of the body and disassemble all of the matter into the smallest particles, you get atoms, then subatoms, which are very small particles.

Somehow, some people have a more dense aura, other people’s auras are thinner, others are affected for different reasons (such as neurotic diseases, unlimited intoxication, unbalanced nutrition, etc.). If we try to see waves of Wi-Fi or radio waves, we will not be able to do this, just as we will not be able to see the person’s aura. But it’s no secret that we will definitely be able to feel it.

Further, in the article, we will talk about the connection between making love and aura. We will also say a few words about the benefits and harms of being intimate with someone has in the human field.

Intimate relationships on the physical level also contribute to the intertwining of the life energy of one person with the energy of another person. These powerful spiritual connections create a jungle of energy debris, especially in humans who do not practice methods of cleaning energy.

The more a person interacts closely with someone, the more that person’s aura is intertwined with the aura of their partner. When we are intimate with someone, we receive their positivity and negativity and are unconsciously incorporating them into our daily life. Even if we no longer see that person or if we have continued physical intimacy with our partner, every time we are in the act of making love, we receive a part of the partner’s energy in our aura, and we leave some of our own in theirs.

So, every time making love comes in, we create an energetic connection with our partner. Their thoughts, feelings, desires, etc., remain imprinted in our aura, which if not cleansed remains such.

It’s not difficult to imagine how to share this aura with a person who has intimate relations with several people in a row. In a way, that person carries these numerous energies.

I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be” – Lisa Chase Patterson

The law of making love is very simple: if you sleep with a positive, loving partner – it raises your mood and elevates you. If you sleep with a negative, pessimistic person – it destroys and makes your life unbearable from day to day.

And if the partner is sleeping with different people, then there is an exchange of energy. For example, if a woman has intimate contact with a married man, her whole family will feed on her energy.

In fact, this is not a new discovery. Christians often call this type of connection “Soul ties.” This is also widely discussed in the study of tantric sex. There is a lot of interesting information on this topic.

Cleansing your aura

As unwanted energies accumulate in everyday life, regular aura cleansing helps maintain health and well-being. It’s like a personal hygiene. If a person does not wash, his body will become dirtier and dirtier. Gradually, the smell will become unbearable. As a result, his body will become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and diseases.

And also, if he does not purify his aura, his energy will become dirty, he will become unpleasant for others (although they may not understand why). Energy becomes attractive to lower vibrations, which are also harmful.

Our energy system requires constant cleaning to be balanced and to function properly. It is necessary to clear our aura of all negatives and lags from time to time.

There are several ways to cleanse a person’s aura. Here are some simple and easy ways to remove the unwanted energies that have remained in your aura body through physical intimacy.

8 powerful ways to cleanse your aura

Bathing with Epsom salt

Water helps to cleanse the person both physically and energetically. Adding Epsom salt to your bath stimulates a flow of self-energy and also treats a small amount of mental debris from your aura.


Immersing yourself in the water helps to purify the aura. Especially useful is swimming in the ocean, as ocean salts and minerals harmonize the vibration of your aura with the vibration of planet Earth.

Water, which passes the natural purification process with the help of the soil or rocks, has a cleansing vibration of the earth. And since the human body consists of 90% water, the aural field is very sensitive to water vibrations.


The gentle effect of sunlight stimulates the flow of self-energy. Some low vibrations cannot exist under the influence of bright light.


Even basic meditations help a person to relax and let go of the situation. Meditation works directly with the release of unwanted energy through the grounding, cleansing of the aura, energy channels, and chakras. One of the most powerful ways to cleanse and care for the aural energy is meditation.

Aura Healing

In the process of aura healing, the healer supports you in purifying any unwanted energies from your system. The aura healer helps you in grounding mental debris, releasing blocks and helping you get your own energy.

Aura Reading

Often we confuse the energy of other people with our own energy. When we take someone else’s energy for ourselves, we do not want to release it. We hold on to this because we think it’s us! In reading the clairvoyant aura, the reader can help you determine your own energy and distinguish between external energy. When you distinguish your own energy from other people’s, it is much easier to release it.

Feeling your own emotions

When emotional energy is blocked, it creates congestion and stagnation of the entire energy system. This contributes to the stagnation of unwanted energy in the body.

By allowing oneself to feel hidden emotions, a person releases different energies. This creates a flow of motion and supports in cleansing from mental debris.

Enjoying the wind

Standing in the open position of the body in a strong wind, you can get rid of unwanted energy.

Since sea breezes contain moisture, salts, and minerals, ocean winds are especially useful for purifying an aura. Spend more time in nature.

Gardening and nature walks

Through gardening and nature walks, you come into direct contact with the land. This will help to ground and release unwanted energy from your system.

Practicing daily creativity

Creating something, from which people are delighted, gives you a high energy boost. These outbursts of creative energy stimulate the flow of one’s own energy and are supported in the release of blocks and undesirable energy.