Count How Many Bracelet Lines On Your Wrist You Have! Here’s What It Means!

This simple “calculation” will provide you with important information, including about your health.

Palmistry or palm reading is an ancient art whose roots date back several thousand years.

It comes from Indian astrology, and the first mention of it comes from the Chinese book “I Ching”. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle who gave this knowledge to Alexander the Great, was interested in palmistry.

This legendary ruler used palmistry to assess the nature of his officers. Palmistry had many sympathizers. The interest of palmistry did not diminish until the modern age when the label of pseudoscience and quackery was attached to the ancient art.

One of the reasons people are so skeptical about palmistry is that they do not know exactly what the art of the ancient Asians is. In the meantime, this art allows us to gain knowledge, among others about the quality of our lives. Information about this can be read, for example, from the lines surrounding our wrists.

They are called rascette lines or bracelet lines and a person can read, for example, the length of their life. How to do it?

Just count each of the lines around your wrist. One such bracelet line means 30 years, so it’s easy to count how many years you would live without changing anything in your current lifestyle.

On average, the number of bracelet lines on human wrists is 3, there are rarely people with 4 bracelet lines (which foretell they would live up to even 100 years).

Interestingly, apart from the fact that each wrist line indicates the next 30 years of life, they all have a different, unique meaning. In the further part of the article, you will find a description of individual bracelet lines. Here is the first of them.

First bracelet line – Your health

The first rascette line is generally considered the most important. This line has the most to say about our health and quality of life. If it is a deep “gouge”, it is simple and without breaks, it is a good sign that your life will be long and healthy. When it is ragged or delicate, it is a signal that the lifestyle you lead is not healthy, you live too quickly, under stress, do not rest enough, and do not eat healthy food. If it is “broken” in several places and curves up to the base of your hand, it means you may have fertility problems.

Second bracelet line – Material wealth

The second rasceta line is often a copy of the first one. It resembles it in terms of shape, as well as length or “depth”. The only difference is that this bracelet line indicates something else, namely wealth and success in the professional field and in business. A deep, straight line indicates wealth and financial success. Breaks or divisions of this line can mean financial problems.

Third bracelet line – your social influence

Not everyone has a third bracelet line on their wrists. Those who have it should treat this bracelet line as a measure of social influence. When this line is clear and simple, it is a sign that you will or are already an important and influential person in your community. You have a great charisma, others show you respect, for example, as the head of a church, famous writer, traveler, professor or benefactor.

Fourth bracelet line – long and prosperous life

If you are one of the few lucky ones who have the fourth bracelet line, you can expect a very long life. Longevity will allow you to become a witness to important changes, historical discoveries and historical events in the world.

This line is very rare, so we read it as a support for the third line. The visible fourth line indicates a strong personality and may mean that you will have many descendants.

It’s amazing how many interesting things you can learn about a person thanks to such trifles! Bring your friends to the basics of palmistry, sharing with them this article.