How Likely Are You To End Up Alone According To Your Zodiac Sign

What do you think, where is your sign on this list? There are those people who are in love with love and will fight hard for it, while there are those who are happier when they are alone because they can best relate to themselves.

Well, here’s what Zodiac signs will never end up alone, and which are those who are more likely to remain single for life. Those ranked first are most likely to end up alone, while those at the bottom of this list that chance is minimal.

1. Aquarius

This is not surprising, for the Aquarians are known as the “ghosts” of the Zodiac, and they are most likely to remain alone because they are the safest in their own solitude. They find it very easy to find the time spent alone with themselves and they can best connect with themselves.

Although they like many people around them, they really love only a few people, and the one who succeeds connecting them to a deeper level has really succeeded. It is therefore difficult for them to find a person with whom they will be absolutely happy.

2. Aries

The Aries members know very well what they want, and they always stubbornly go for it, but they often happen to jump before they notice it. They often look at their partners as their new project, so they can become quite obsessive trying to make their partner perfect.

But what is interesting is the fact that they always want what they do not have, so it is likely that they will get bored with you once you get in touch with them. It is very important for them to grow and develop, which makes it difficult for them to find a partner who could follow them in the rate.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are struggling for everything they want to achieve in life, but they also have very high standards. And that’s fine but to a certain limit. It is hard to break their peel into them, but, for the one who succeeds, they have their attention and love for all time.

Because their time is literally money, they will not be fighting for someone they do not consider worthy of a fight.

4. Virgo

The only reason why the Virgo could end up alone is that they do not feel good enough for anyone. You know they are terribly insecure about themselves because they are constantly searching for perfection and are also the most sensitive of all the characters.

They love structure and planning and are not too spontaneous, and most important for them is to find a partner they can trust completely.

5. Taurus

Taurus individuals are extremely stubborn, but they are just as loyal to the ones they love. However, it is also very important for them to be loved by another person.

What they give to their partner, they also want in return, and it is quite fair, but sometimes they happen to give a little too much to the wrong people.

They often get tired of giving and giving more than a person deserves, which is why they often end up disappointed because the other party does not return the same way.

6. Pisces

Pisces are great romantics and dreamers, but if their life does not look like a fairy tale imagined in their heads, they can become extremely nervous and angry.

They imagine the perfect picture of a person and the perfect scenario they want to be, but they are often unrealistic and also give up quickly what they have started.

7. Gemini

Gemini are extremely curious and enjoy the most having new adventures and meeting new and interesting people. But often they do not even know what they want.

They quickly get bored, so they need a partner to keep them entertained. They also do not like comfort, but knowingly run away from it, but after completing the research, they will decide to live with a partner they will consider more than adequate.

8. Cancer

Crabs are the most emotional of all Zodiac signs, and their partners are the most important person in their lives. Sometimes even too much. They are ready to do everything for their partner, but they need to learn that even in love there are limits.

Although they hope that their partners will give as much as they receive and receive, this often does not happen. Just because they are good souls, they often happen to give their heart to the wrong person.

9. Leo

Leo wants to be a star in the relationship because they think they are the best, so they expect only the best. Though they dream often, they are at the same time, huge realists.

They know what they deserve, what is worth the effort, and what not, and no one can fool them.

10. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are extremely expressive and want to try everything in their lives. They are great adventurers and live for the experience, and they like the most when they can run away from everything and simply travel.

But they do not wander off because they are lost, but because they are curious, so sometimes they pile up too much work, obligations, travel, plans … More than they can really accomplish.

But because of this nature, other people often struggle for them and their attention, and somehow they always leave us with questions in our heads. And for that reason, once you break up with them, you want more.

11. Libra

Though they are often indecisive, once they decide what they want, that’s it. Although they like to have fun and flirt, once they get bored of such a lifestyle and find the person they really love, things such as flirt will no longer matter. They are also one of the most eloquent Zodiac signs.

And it is very unlikely that they will end up alone, ever. Because, in fact, they think their mission is to find a soulmate, and if any sign is predestined for marriage, then it is the Libra. These people are in love with love.

12. Scorpio

Scorpions are the most sensual sign, and although their passion can scare you, you will always return to them. They are extremely aware of their feelings and they are never ashamed to confess them, but there is no middle ground with them. The Scorpio either likes you or they don’t.

They are also one of the most sincere persons, and the truth is on top of their list of priorities. They are incredibly determined, so if they want someone or something, they will try to get it at all costs.

Although Scorpions may appear reserved and strange, the truth is that they do not give their heart to anybody. If they feel that you are worthy of their attention and love, the Scorpio will show that immediately. They are also one of the bravest characters and are absolutely not afraid of love.

The only thing that may be feared is that they could give their heart to the wrong person, for which they choose their partners very carefully.