All women’s breasts are beautiful, but what does the shape of your breasts say about your personality?

Every woman today, even the one with the most beautiful chest in the world, despite having this “gift” dreams of being unique for something else: intellect, education, her character traits…In today’s time of hypersexualization, too often much attention is given to physical attributes, despite the advancement which we claim to have achieved as a civilization.

And did you know that your breasts reveal something about your character? Look at the picture, find the shape most similar to yours and see the results below.


Find yourself in the picture below and read the text to learn what that reveals about your personality.

1. Lemon Shaped: You are a sophisticated intellectual

You have a brilliant and sophisticated personality. You are a little reserved for people. You think quickly and have a very developed intellect – you can solve any puzzle, riddle, brain teaser… Oftentimes you make others around you nervous with the conversations you are running, and you usually have totally different views from the majority. Relaxation and comfort are very important to you. You tend to be a bit of a loner and do not pay too much attention to your feelings. Most of all, you tend to remain strong and stable, and even when you have emotions, you try to hide them.

2. Papaya Shaped: You are a very independent and a natural born leader

You are one happy soul who almost never asks for help from others. You are generally highly positioned in society and a very successful individual. Through life, you are led by logic, and you look at life as a strategy game. You like to be alone and depend solely on yourself. You have a lot of self-control and you like to pull all the ends with your hands. You are cold, but also calm and stable. You are a natural born leader!

3. Apple Shaped: You are a charmer and an adventurer

Standing firmly on the ground, you are a modern and free spirit. You’re innovative, so you often make the ordinary things completely unusual. You are impulsive and each day represents a whole new adventure for you. Still, most of your actions are done because of some concealed purpose, and often your behavior can be upseting or even shocking to your surroundings. You can easily offend others.

4. Pear Shaped: You are an optimist and a dreamer

You have a “feminine” soul, calm and dreamy. You always see positive things, and even when you are concerned, you are doing it with a smile. You always have a smile and a love for others. You are a diligent and intelligent person, and sometimes a rather shy, even though your shyness cannot be noticed immediately because you are simply too entertaining. Sometimes even your humor can hurt the people you love.

5. Cherry Shaped: You are unforgettable and passionate

You are brave, and you bear a striking and attractive personality. You tackle difficult tasks in life with a big ardor. However, do not forget that your great passion in life also has its dark side – sometimes you are unscrupulous. You leave a very strong influence on the environment, and attract everyone’s attention. Beware, as you quickly make decisions but easily lose your nerves.

6. Melon Shaped: You are trustworthy and kind

You are a kind person that displays a grateful nature and you like to nurture others. You help everyone who needs help, you keep other people’s secrets very well, and people generally trust you. However, you’re a bit mysterious being. You can balance between the two “warring” parties, and always carry the harmony with you. You are kind, people always enjoy your company – the feel just like at home when they are with you.

7. Nectarine Shaped: You are wise and dignified

You are focused on wisdom and spirituality. You are a very dignified person who always tries to improve themselves. A woman like you loves good books and you tend to learn something new whenever you can. You are somewhat a philosophical mind, you like to combine the small things into a big picture of life. You are a good friend with a pacifist nature, but you are primarily looking at your own interests.

8. Grapefruit Shaped: You are unusual and creative

You are popular, reliable and have the ability to assess people and things well. You have a lot of thoughts, but you often know to be melancholic. You are a creative and expressive individual who often does things in a unique and original way. Never forget to show people how special you are. But you are also very charming, so people just love you!

9. Orange Shaped: You are pure and full of virtue

You are flexible, not corrupted, and full of virtue. A woman of your kind easily fits and matches with the surroundings. Although at first glance you act as a shy person, in fact, you are very open with the people you know. You know well who you are and what you are, you believe in yourself and you are usually a good judge. That’s why people often turn to you for a wise advice or a realistic opinion. You are one of those people who is born to accomplish great things! You boast such a remarkable personality!

10. Pineapple-Shaped: Charisma and a smile

Others say about you that you are forever with your head in the clouds and more on heaven than on Earth. You love dreaming and fantasizing about some other worlds and realities. You are very charismatic and often smiling. You are sociable, and the people around you are experiencing you as a fun person who genuinely cares about others.

11. Plum Shaped: Seductress full of energy

Your appearance cannot go unnoticed. When you enter the room, the whole surrounding energy suddenly changes. You are used to being at the center of everyone’s attention, and this gift is good to use. You enjoy playing the game of seducing people, but you also like when others seduce you and give you the attention. You are in love with nature and in everything you do, you are led by your inner passion. A woman with your personality does not submit to patterns and routines and you do not like too many practical people who do not use their heart. Your life’s slogan is “that love is all we need.”

12. Mango Shaped: Mystery packed in enigma

You are a responsible and reliable woman. People generally have a lot of confidence in you and often entrust you with serious tasks knowing that you will fulfill them exactly as they have imagined. It is easy for other people to trust you, but you yourself are personally a bit mysterious.

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