What your Native American zodiac sign really means. What sign are you?

Animals are deeply revered in the Native American culture and there are representations of almost every animal imaginable in the signs of the native American zodiac.

In this article, we will focus primarily on the animals that are most closely related to the months of birth, in other words, the zodiac of the Native American tribes.

Similar to the Greek Zodiac we use today, Native American tribes believed that the time of year a person is born will directly affect that person’s personal characteristics.

Similar to the animal signs of the modern Zodiac, the Native American zodiac is also represented by animals.

This is a list of the animals and their characteristics per month.

The Otter – January 20 to February 18

Different and independent thinking, for most people, the Otter is rarely easy to understand. The Otter does things in an unconventional way. As a result of this, the way the Otter does things is not usually the first method selected. This is unfortunate since the Otter’s unconventional methods can often be exceptionally adequate.

The Otter is usually endowed with a unique way of seeing things that are imaginative and intelligent. As a result, Otter often sees solutions that no one else sees, thanks to his intuitive and perceptive imagination. If you’re looking to have a friend, just look for someone born under the sign of Otter. These people pay great attention, they are very supportive, understanding, courageous and truthful.

The Wolf – February 19 to March 20

Passion and emotion are the characteristics of the Wolf. This native American sign is more in tune with philosophy and the heart. The Wolf understands the emotional needs of everyone around him and is perfectly willing to offer love. On the contrary, the wolf is the most independent sign of Native Americans, which contrasts with their ability to love.

Looking for true independence, but being able to provide love and a kind acceptance, this sign emanates the vibration of “The lone wolf”. When it comes to parenting, the Wolf is full of passion, willing to give, is deeply loving, and above all kind.

The Falcon – March 21 to April 19

With natural inclination to leadership, the Falcon always has a sharp mind when it comes to making decisions in crisis situations. He is always pragmatic, and not willing to waste time and always remains focused on the target. Staying on a task is the hallmark of the Falcon. He has a lot of aptitude for team sports, always tending to take advantage of any opportunity.

The Falcon always tends to express his opinions in a strident manner, and as a result, it may seem a little boastful, although the Falcon often has a well-placed head. No sign of the Native American cycle is as fiery as the Falcon.

The Beaver – April 20 to May 20

The Beaver loves to be in charge but is also flexible and can easily adapt to any situation. Always professional, Castor’s way of being is full of efficiency tempered with an almost indifferent air. Using these traits, work is usually done. If you are born under this sign, you are a cunning person that should never be underestimated. As a Beaver, you are a person with sharp and brilliant thinking. If you are born under this sign, you have things in your favor.

Unfortunately, a Beaver also has an inclination to be stubborn when it comes to what they see as the proper procedure. Although normally it is correct under these circumstances, a Beaver could benefit from being a little more tactful. Under the right circumstances, these Zodiac members can be generous loyal, helpful, and compassionate.

The Deer – May 21 to June 20

The Deer represents creative influence in the mythology of Native Americans. Ingenious and inspiring, the Deer also has a great sense of humor and can make almost everyone laugh. Always ready to converse, if you fall under this sign, then you are a great conversationalist. As a Deer, you are incredibly affable and, often, the soul of the party. Environmental awareness is another key feature of this sign, and typically those born as a Deer are very demanding when it comes to personal appearance.

Somewhat arrogant, the Deer can be a little self-centered. This is usually forgiven because it is usually so easy to get along with the Deer. Because he has the talent to animate things, the Deer can be a great inspirational member in any relationship and is usually an affectionate personality.

The Woodpecker – June 21 to July 21

The Woodpecker is a counselor and always has ears ready to listen. Members of this sign are very understanding and empathetic. No other sign is so supportive. Woodpeckers are great friends and business partners and they also make amazing parents. Woodpeckers can sometimes be a bit frugal, but you can trust them blindly because they tend to be very organized.

As the person most willing to support others on this list, you can expect Woodpeckers to be deeply dedicated, attentive and inclined towards romance.

The Salmon – July 22 to August 21

Creativity is your calling card if you were born under the sign of Salmon. These individuals are also expressly focused, they are prone to be intuitive and surprisingly energetic. Like Salmon, you have a lot of confidence and you love motivating. Your enthusiasm is also almost indomitable, and it is also very contagious. People tend to accept the Salmon very easily, even when the plan seems doomed to failure. Like a Salmon, you have many friends thanks to your intelligent, intuitive and generous nature. Driven by the need to achieve a goal and purpose, you will not have problems finding compatriots for the missions you do. In relationships, he is generous, calm, stable and sensual.

The Bear – August 22 to September 21

Pragmatism is the letter of introduction of the Stoic Bear. Friends know they can call you when they need a centered head and a firm arm for almost anything. Practicality is another trait of those born under this sign, and therefore, Bears, who can also be generous and like to give, tend to get along with those born under the sign of the Owl. Humility also tends to be of the Bear’s style, and sometimes those born under this sign may tend to be very shy.

In most situations, the Bear tends to provide love and generosity almost unconditional to those around them, while maintaining patience and temperance. Bears are excellent in an educational environment since their patience is transmitted in a good way to those who teach.

The Raven – September 22 to October 22

Another enthusiastic sign, the Raven tends to have a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship and charm. This zodiac member has an easy-to-grasp type of energy that everyone trusts when it comes to his ideas. As a Raven, you are a very idealistic but also a calculating person.

Under positive circumstances, the Raven is very quiet, romantic and, almost invariably, has a soft voice. In relationships, the Raven is intuitive and patient.

The Snake – October 23 to November 22

Closely linked to the spirit world, the Snake is the traditional sign of the shaman. Its connection to the spiritual world is the reason why those born under this sign are so easily in tune with the ethereal. Healing is very natural for the Snake, so if you are born under this sign, you can expect to excel in the field of medicine.

As a result of your natural spiritual bond, people may discover that you have a bearing that is sometimes mysterious or even frightening. There is a little inclination towards secrecy and darkness in the Serpent, but those born under this sign can also be very careful and sensitive. In positive situations, the Serpent can be fun, useful and inspiring.

The Owl – November 23 to December 21

The Native American horoscope has no other sign as mutable as the Owl. As a general rule, this sign is one of those that has more capacity for adaptation. Simple, natural and warm, the owl is friendly to everyone. If you fall under this sign, you grab life by the horns and love to explore and have adventures. This can naturally be dangerous since the Owl can also be careless, prone to recklessness and inconsiderate.

Those born under this sign are excellent in the fields of teaching, art, and conservation, and because of their mutability, almost in any other vocation. In positive relationships, an Owl has a jealous personality, but also tends to be sensitive and is a great listener.

The Goose – December 22 to January 19

The perseverance and determination of the Goose are his hallmarks. If you are born under this sign, your friends know that they must contact you when something must be done. For a Goose, ambition is also one of its key defining characteristics and this sign generally achieves its ambitions succinctly. This impulse to succeed comes from the spirit; no external force pushes the Goose to achieve it. Momentum and perseverance are the two things that keep the Goose moving.

Like a Goose, you excel in professional and physical activities. There is nothing to stop you, especially when you know that your family and friends support you. When in a positive relationship, Goose can be affable, passionate and sensual.

So, which one is your Native American zodiac sign? Have you found similarities in your personality traits as per the standard Zodiac sign?