Find Out What Kind Of A Witch You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

At the moment we are born, all the stars are aligned in a special way, generating an individual and unique map that represents a version of our history and the development of events over time.

For thousands of years, we have known this interpretation as Astrology.

What would you say if today I share with you that in addition to our astrological features, the stars also give us magical qualities and skills that manifest themselves remarkably when we pay attention and determine to listen to our inner voice and develop these magical abilities.

What kind of a witch are you and what powers do you have according to your Zodiac sign? This is your chance to know if you have any hidden power.

Aries: Blood Witch

Witches born under the sign of Aries are blessed with the ability to cast powerful magic spells with fire and to master the energy currents. They do not need much to enhance their magic, only their fiery passion and feel very motivated by a desire.

Blood witches born under this Zodiac sign are known by that term because of their strong connection with the magic of their ancestors’ lineage, they possess a force of the generations before them.

They dominate energy, good and bad, and are quite intelligent and temperamental people. The great power of this type of witches is to change the energy environment that surrounds them to put it in their favor. Fire is their protector.

If you are an Aries, light the flame.

Taurus: Elf Witch

The Witches born under the sign of Taurus are very well tuned to the power of the Earth and nature. They easily explore and connect with the powers of herbs. Another of their fields of strength lies in the powers of sexual magic, as the Elf Witches are great seducers and enchant others with their natural gift for love spells.

Elf Witches dominate the powers of the soil and the herbs. They are great seducers and are able to cure many diseases with magic potions. They have hidden powers that they are aware of, but they are afraid to put into practice.

If you are a Taurus, it is time to trust your potential and to take root.

Gemini: Energy Witch

Witches born under the sign of Gemini have a natural ability to detect changes in the energy levels in their environment and the people around them. They have an extremely sensitive intuition and can easily send and receive energy to the past, present and future.

It is rare for those born under this sign to devote themselves to the dark arts since their energy is always oriented towards good. They are luminous beings destined to support others with their powerful abilities.

If you are Gemini, fill yourself with good vibes.

Cancer: Kitchen Witch

Witches born under the sign of Cancer are prone to work their magic indoors, taking advantage of the energy provided by the catalysts from food and home remedies. They love the folklore and the customs inherited by their clan, always preparing their potions to heal others.

This type of a witch is also meant to do good, but you have to be careful if you hurt yourself. They are spiteful. They never desire evil, but their connection to the Universe always gives them just revenge.

If you are a Cancer, your medicinal power explodes.

Leo: Witch of Enchantment

Witches born under the sign of Leo have a natural ability to capture the attention of others, turning them into talented illusionists. They can easily hypnotize people and/or animals, and enchant them to modify their mood in an instant. They love the consolidation of spells that seemed impossible to execute, and they are talented and persistent individuals.

A witch of enchantment attracts attention wherever they tread, they can cause damage if they are provoked and they know how to create powerful spells to always stay safe. Still, these witches are always loved for their cheerful nature.

If you are a Leo, your word is a creation.

Virgo: Hermit Witch

Witches born under the sign of Virgo are extremely powerful in magical practices, as long as they can remain focused. They tend to reinvent their magical self in the silence of nature, their space in solitude is vital to recharge and listen to their own thoughts. These witches are fantastic in the elaboration of grimoires.

A Hermit witch has a special connection with nature and animals and can invoke the power of fire, earth, water or wind. These witches are skilled in creating protection amulets and can predict the future.

If you are Virgo, listen to your inner voice.

Libra: Witch of the Arts

The Witches born under the sign of Libra were blessed with the gift of inspiration and are often extremely talented for the arts and the creation of beautiful things. They can make beautiful and powerful invocation spells with high magical vibrations, and they can go as far as they wish. Equipped with the power to print powerful enchantments in any craft made by their hands.

This type of witch perceives who people really are without knowing them thoroughly and never makes mistakes. People sought after these witches for their powerful positive energy, but these witches also attract beings of darkness who seek to nourish themselves with their power. Such a witch is an artisan of spells with herbs and can create shields against black magic.

If you are a Libra, trust and believe.

Scorpio: Witch of Darkness

Witches born under the sign of Scorpio, connect and vibrate at high frequencies when the sky is filled with stars when silence prevails. They have a great capacity to unveil mysteries and discover people’s true intentions, natural seers and with a strong connection to the world of spirits.

They have a special gift to guess the true intentions of people. They usually have a natural connection with the spirits of the earth, although very few know how to use that power. These witches are mysterious and, if you cause them harm one day they will pay it back.

If you are Scorpio, remember that your light is in your darkness.

Sagittarius: Thunder Witch

The Witches born under the sign of Sagittarius are daughters of the deities of thunder. They have great ability to direct positive or negative currents focused on their desires manifesting them on the material plane. They are wise and righteous and can cast very powerful enchantments. Very safe to generate spells and make them come true.

The element of thunder keeps them abreast of what is happening around them, which is why they are always alert and anticipate the dangers. They are not afraid of anything because they naturally repel bad energy.

If you are Sagittarius, explode and share your explosive strength.

Capricorn: Green Witch

The Witches born under the sign of Capricorn can affirm their magical domain remarkably in the realm of nature and in the urban territory if they so wish. They can take advantage of the powers of natural forces and direct them to their career and daily life. They listen to the voices of the spirits that inhabit their environment and follow their intuition guided by supernatural forces.

Such a witch does not generate problems but relieves them with her natural power to calm even the worst storms. A Green witch always gives good advice and is able to see the aura of the people who approach this powerful individual.

If you are Capricorn, the green world is your ally.

Aquarius: Witch of the Stars

The Witches born under the sign of Aquarius are very attuned to the planetary energies and their effects on the mundane environment. They have an important connection with the stars, so they are able to perform great magical feats with their powerful faith, vision and great intellect. They have a high level of concentration, which is why they are brilliant accumulators of knowledge in the magical arts.

Aquarius witches were born privileged because everything they want is fulfilled sooner or later. They are wise and have accumulated great knowledge over the centuries. They do not feel remorse for causing harm if you mess with them, although they are usually very friendly.

If you are Aquarius look at the sky and make a wish.

Pisces: Fairy Witch

Witches born under the sign of Pisces have a strong connection to the world of fairies and have the powerful gift of taking astral journeys to other planes of consciousness. These witches are sweet, a trait that is liked by small people so they become their great allies by giving them gifts of psychism, clairvoyance, and prophecy. They have a beautiful voice that invites magical beings to assist them in their spells.

The moon is the fairy witch’s guide, she knows everything that happens in the world. The Fairy witch uses the lunar power to enhance his wisdom, peace, and beauty.

If you are Pisces dance and sing the magic of nature.