He Wants Your Company, Not Your Love

It’s not really your affection he’s interested in. He has no interest in you particularly, nor is he prepared to make an effort to try and care for you. He’s not emotionally capable of establishing a deeper connection to you. He doesn’t go out of his way to surprise you with small gestures. He’s not there for you to support you when you’re having a tough time.

He shows affection for you neither publicly, nor at all. He doesn’t ever offer to do any favors for you to make you feel good. He doesn’t see himself being with you 24/7. He doesn’t show you his affection with hugs and kisses. He’s not into any of that.

He’s not falling in love with you and he isn’t even dedicating any of his time to you. He just likes it when you’re there for him when it’s convenient, when he’s lonely and feeling down.

He’s not looking to build a lasting love with you; he just needs the attention that no one else seems to give him. He’s not planning on spending the rest of his life with you; he just wants you to be available whenever it suits him, regardless of what you think about it all.

He’s selfish, and he only cares about his own feelings and opinions. His own happiness and comfort is his only priority. He needs to be in control of any situation, and he wants to be the one calling the shots. He’s the one manipulating the circumstances of your relationships to his benefit. He wants something from you- but it’s not love. What he really wants is something far from it.

To him you’re completely expendable; he just needs someone there to make him feel better about himself. His insecurities compel him to constantly seek out other people’s validation- regardless of whether that’s you or anyone else.

He just needs a warm touch when his feelings are cold. He needs constant reassurance of what he is and does, and he needs to hear it from you because he cannot find it within himself. He’s desperate because he knows he cannot exist on his own.

Think about it. Does he ever randomly text you to inquire whether you’re doing well? Does he answer your messages immediately or does he make you wait? He only resorts to making an effort when it suits his plans.

And you can’t even hold it all against him, since there is nothing to hold. He feels nothing for you. So it’s not like he’s unwilling to share his feelings with you. There’s just nothing to share.