12 Signs That Someone in Your Life Is Evil

No matter how malicious someone might seem, it’s human to believe that there’s something good to be found in everyone. However, sometimes this notion is just naïve. There are certain character-types, who possess a poisonous mix of intelligence, indifference and egocentrism, and strive to dominate others. They may seem amicable a first, but their agenda will quickly become obvious. They’re unreliable companions and should be treated as a negative influence you can do without.
If you relate to any of these 12 warning signs, perhaps you should reconsider your relationship with the destructive characters in your life:


1.They deny reality.

They deny facts, even if the proof’s in front of them. They accept the truth they think is valid, and it’s always the one that suits their personal agenda most.

2.They twist facts.

Narcissists have a way of handling situations, so that they always come out on top. They have ways of manipulating the reality to fit it into achieving their goals. They like to take things out of context and make absurd claims that are in their favour.

3.They withhold information.

If there’s a piece of information that could stand in the way of their goals and ideals, they’ll withhold it from you. If you were ever squeezed out of a group presentation and made to look bad, you’ve fallen victim to an evil person. They maintain that ‘not telling’ is not lying, even when, essentially, it is. Not only will you bear the consequences, but you might also be made to feel guilty for not trusting your ‘evil’ companion.

4.They mislead people.

They purposefully try to convince you of something that isn’t true. They’ll persist in making you feel incompetent, inadequate, stupid or afraid. If you’re feeling bad, they’ll make it worse. They choose their words very carefully because they know exactly which emotions they need to elicit.

5.They lie constantly.

Lying is the language of evil people. Evil people usually possess a silver tongue and they know exactly how to use it. They like to embellish stories with inaccurate, juicy details, no matter the subject. Their inability to accept the truth and their lack of empathy makes them dangerous to be around. Lying to people gives them pleasure, and if you catch them lying? Well, then they’ll just lie to you some more.

6.They don’t feel remorse.

A lack of remorse is indicative of a psychopathic character. When a person is enjoying another person’s suffering, he’s experiencing schadenfreude. Evil people will never regret hurting others or things that are meaningful to them. If they recognize your goodness, they’ll abuse it and will instead exaggerate your weaknesses.

7.They avoid responsibility.

Evil people have no morals, and if they’re about to be faced with an accusation, they’ve already redirected it before it’s even reached them. They’re very skilled at shifting the blame, and they don’t apologize, no matter the damage.  They don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong, because they don’t think they can ever do something wrong.

8.They manipulate.

Having an agenda and the need to control every situation, makes it inevitable that evil people be equipped with extraordinary manipulation abilities. At the given opportunity, they’ll concoct a fool-proof plan to harm you. Just remember that you’re not a priority to them, but a nuisance.

9.They’re fair-weather friends.

When things are good and cheerful, they’ll stick by you. When things turn sour, and you start to go through a difficult period, they’re nowhere to be found. Emotional support is something you’re not going to get from them. They’ll stick around only as long as they can gain something from you.

10.They steal your time.

You know the feeling when you lose track of time, often around certain people. Sometimes this might be on purpose, with the aim of slowing you down. An evil person doesn’t like it when others are doing better (or even good, for that matter), and they’ll do anything to help you fail. One way is by stealing your time when you’re busy or have a deadline. They’ll distract you and will show up in the worst possible moment, even offering a fake apology when you’re ultimately unsuccessful.

11.They lead double lives.

Just like the bad guys in movies, evil people are sociopaths and they’re not exactly honest, especially where their past is concerned. Chances are, they’ve been manipulating people their whole lives. Lying to others about how they live their life s is a common trait in evil people. Giving an idyllic account of their every-day routine is how they attract good people to themselves.  But, you’ll never get an accurate picture of their personality, because no one really ever knows them.

12.They’re control freaks.

They feel they’re better than others, and they like being in complete control of a situation. When they lose this control, they can even resort to possessive outbursts. They see all other people as pawns meant to serve their goals, and not controlling them means losing their minions. In such instances when control is lost, their feeling come out on the surface.