Three Times Do We Fall In love Very Strong In Life, and Each Time For a Good Reason!

There is a saying that love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning. People say that we really fall in love only three times in our lives and that there is always the right time and reason for each of these love experiences.

First love

This love occurs to you usually during your teens and this is the innocent first love that sounds like the love stories we read in romantic novels and watch on TV. It is a love that meets the expectations of society and perhaps our families.

We engage ourselves in this kind of love firmly believing that this will be our first and only love. Sometimes, even when things do not work, people will put their attitudes, desires or opinions to the side just to try to keep that relation alive and steady.

This love only appears as the right one, merely from the outside.However, in most cases, people at this stage do not even know what they really want in a relationship, nor are they fully developed as mature and wise personalities.

Second love

This type of love is usually that “hard” love that teaches us those life lessons about who we are and what we want from life and what kind of love we are looking for. This love is painful, full of lies and mischief, manipulation and tears.

While you’re experiencing this type of love it is not uncommon to walk into a vicious circle, and many people will break up and step again in the same relationship convinced that this time, something will change. But it usually the whole experience becomes even worse and worse, filled with unnecessary dramas and unsolvable issues. Just like a soap opera, the drama that marks this relationship is exactly what keeps us addicted to the story.

During this love, it seems to be more important to “fix” the relationship, instead of stop for a moment and think if it even makes any sense at all.

This love teaches us who we are, what we are and what we truly want out of a love relationship.

The third love

Now, this is the kind of love that catches us completely unprepared. It is a love we do not hope for, which we do not expect because it seems totally wrong, as it often resembles the ideal love that people have imagined after the shipwreck of the second love.

It is a kind of relationship between two people that can hardly be explained by words, and because of this love, people are doing the craziest things, since unlike the first two love, there are no expectations and plans. For the first time, partners accept each other exactly for what they are. It breaks down all the prejudices related to love and moves in the direction that suits us and our needs and does not evolve according to an ideal scenario.

One of the consequences of this love is that people become the best version of themselves, revealing the true meaning of love and respect, coexistence and all that is needed to make the relationship between two people endure all the obstacles that life brings people.

Some never experience the third love…

Sometimes people need more bad relationships or more time to recognize the true love and the person that comes together with this love. Nevertheless, the third (true) love is persistent and will often find a way to reveal itself to the person it is destined for.

We can choose to stay with our first love, one that looks good on the outside and which others approve and support. We may decide to stay with the second love, assuming that if we are to fight for it, then ultimately, it will be what we want it to be. On the other hand, we can decide to wait for our third true love.

For every rule, there is an exception, so there are certainly people who found their soulmate at first meeting or those who have never found their true love. However, such are people’s lives, that you will find this pattern often repeated in the spiral of learning from our own mistakes.

And although your last breakup may still hurt you, know that it was just one of the three types of love that happen to every human being.

Love is the most beautiful feeling that a person can feel, and you enter every relationship with the thought that it is right and it will last for the rest of your life.

However, what happens later is often unexpected, and that’s why it breaks down. Even though you always hope that this relationship is going to last, it happens that you are mistaken.

You need to know that no matter how long you have a relationship, and whether you are currently in a relationship or are single, you can only fall in love 3 times in life.

Sometimes it happens that you hurt someone, sometimes someone hurts you, but you should never be desperate because when you get to know the right person for you, it will always stay there.