Choose an Eye and Discover What Your Choice Says About You

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” says the old Greek proverb, and this is no doubt true. With our eyes, we observe, learn and fall in love.

The eyes are often called windows to the soul because in the eyes of a person we can read their inner world. The look gives out emotions and momentary states, and each momentary state can change it. Just a glance in the eyes of the person you are talking too can reveal a lot.

The soul comes into contact with the outside world through the eyes. An old belief claims that the more reasonable a person is, the more beautiful his eyes are. They represent the causal world in man. The right eye is indicative of the mind, and the left eye is the heart.

If you are also unsure of what your choice means for you, hurry to choose the eye that suits you most. Then see what it will reveal about you:

1.You are full of passion

The fire burns in you. You do not look for the fire, but you ignite it. You have live and sharpened instincts. You want to feel a little more adventurous again. Spontaneous is your second name, and you always do the things you want, living your life the way you like.

Your libido is awakened and you are confronted with your real desires for the future. You are furious about something that happened in the past and you cannot just let it go.

You know what kind of a future you want for yourself, but a certain situation from the past does not give you peace. However, forgiveness is the key to healing.It’s time to forget. A simple walk in nature may be the key to solving the problems that trouble you.

2.You are a book of secrets

You have experienced a lot, but you have learned a lesson. You’ve learned a lot of things in the past in the easiest and the toughest way as well. You have sacrificed many things to become what you are today. On the way to the goal you have lost something valuable, but here are you, wiser and stronger (though you may not notice it at this time).It has certainly made you wiser, yet you are not aware of how you will use this wisdom in the future.

On the other hand, the wisdom you have gained on your way will benefit you from achieving your goals. They may have changed now, but this wisdom will not be overwhelmed.

You are in the creative phase so you can best show what you are capable of.Create places for the future in your mind: plan, imagine, take advantage of this creative stage in your life. Show everyone what you can!

3.You are the force of nature

Your life energy is always related to nature, and now you understand it even more. In harmony with the spirits of nature and day after day, you are better able to know how to use this force and create wonders. These wonders can change your life and the lives of others!

In the end, you attract people as if they feel you can cure them. You have a wonderful aura, surrounded by green forces of nature. You can become a beacon of happiness and peace only if you know the power of your powers!

4.You are a gentle spirit

You are always trying to find out more about what’s going on – always looking for deeper meaning. Inside you, there is a curiosity about what your life would be if you would have made different choices.

Sometimes you are very strict about yourself. You are a perfectionist. Yet, life is what it is and even though your crystal-clear soul can help many people find their way, sometimes you can feel lost.

This is because you always overwhelm your choices, your motives, and your assessment. You should learn to believe yourself more. Of course, you make mistakes and yes, sometimes they can be very painful. But what is life without a mistake?

If we were perfect, we would not be born here. Please, learn to you love yourself and believe in your instincts.

5.You are a living mystery

Most of the information you share with others is part of your ingenious manipulative techniques. You know what to hide and what to show.

Perhaps you do not do this intentionally, but you value your personal qualities too much so that you can easily show them to others. You reward the people who are close to you with information about yourself no one else knows. The more you love someone, the more you will let them know about you.

You are probably such because you once felt betrayed early in your life. That’s why you have built a wall around you that no one can easily cross. This vicious, enigmatic obstacle is part of your defense mechanism.

6.You are an enchanting soul

You magnetize those around you with your enticing and mysterious personality. Your aura radiates mysterious wisdom and secrets.

You are always noticed (without you even realize that) because your energy is so intense. You need to learn to have more confidence. Be aware of the truth that you are a unique being with so many hidden powers. Discover what lies within you.

Your past lives are the key to this power in you. Stop being so defensive and reach for your dreams. You can have whatever you want.

All you need to do is to believe in yourself and get to it. You are so powerful!

7.You are a night guardian

You are the master of disguise and guardian of wisdom and sensitive information. You like to see how others react in certain situations.

You know how to create an illusion and how to “play” in love relationships. Although you are honest, you do not want other people to know everything about you.

You want to give them a reason to find out more about you. You consider yourself a reward that can only be won by those who are brave enough. You throw the bait and wait for the “target” to bite it.

He or she will have to walk in your dark corridors, but what will all the wonders discover if they do it! You have so much wealth in your heart. The one who is brave and wise enough to stare at your “darkness” will be rewarded with the privilege of having you as their soulmate and guardian.