16 Signs You Can Find In Each Relationship That Is Meant To Last

To have someone love you back is every lover’s wish, especially when you love the other person from head to toe. True love exists if you know how to wait for the right person.

And it’s very much possible for your lover to love you wholeheartedly back when you love yourself the way you love them.

Yet, the way you view love might be slightly different when your previous relationship was not so good. It’s normal to feel doubtful if the next one will ever last.

Be not afraid, relationships and people aren’t created in one mold. Do your best in loving and be open to all possibilities.

To help ease your mind, here are the things you see in a relationship that is meant to last.

1. You are each other’s secret keeper.

Mutual trust is present in your relationship. Your partner knows all your secrets as much as you know theirs. This means you trust each other more than anybody else.

Trust is an essential element that sustains a long-lasting relationship.

2. Neither of you want to change each other.

Not wanting your partner to change doesn’t mean you don’t want them to grow; it basically means you accept each other for all that you are with all your uniqueness and even quirkiness.

Even if other people can see your imperfections, your partner still sees you as perfect in your imperfections and don’t demand you to change the way you dress or whatever.

You also feel the same for them. It’s because you both love and respect each other.

3. You’re comfortable in each other’s company.

Because sincere acceptance is present, both of you are comfortable in your own skin. You don’t hide anything or is afraid if your partner may find something in you that’s unacceptable.

4. You communicate in silence.

A strong bond between the two of you is characterized by being able to do each other’s task simultaneously in silence.

Even if you don’t talk, you know how to enjoy in each other’s company.

5. You’re not jealous when they hang out with their friends of the opposite sex.

Their friends are your friends too. It’s alright with you if they hang out with their buddies because you know they need that space.

You understand that their world doesn’t have to revolve around you. And you’re confident in their love so as not to get jealous of their friends.

6. You don’t feel suffocated in the relationship.

There is enough room to breathe in your relationship. You don’t feel being controlled or being with someone who is overly possessive.

You can have your own space when you need it. The sense of comfort and stability is one key to a relationship that is meant to last.

7. You meet each other’s family.

When you meet your partner’s family and they meet yours it only means one thing: you’re both genuine in your relationship and you both meant to make it last.

8. You both agree to disagree.

You know that your opinions don’t have to be the same all the time. You respect each one’s individuality and perspective that you allow your differing opinions to emerge.

No matter how you view an issue, you know it’s not a cause for you to fight.

9. You easily resolve your problems.

Loving someone means avoiding to have fights with them as much as possible. But when it does come, you both agree to focus on how to resolve it than on who is guilty of what.

Through these fights, you strengthen the understanding you have for each other as well as the harmony in your relationship. A harmonious relationship is one that’s meant to last.

10. You both see the future together.

You both include each other in planning your future because you could not imagine a future without the other person.

11. You still have each other after fights and misunderstandings.

Some say fights are the spices of a relationship. It’s a test whether you can still love each other after feeling that they’ve hurt your feelings in some way.

This is different from an abusive relationship where shaming and putting down the other person are present. Your fights are the kind where you still find your respect for each other despite the differences.

No matter who is at fault, you both see to it that at the end of the day conflicts are resolved and sorted out. This makes your bonding grow stronger.

12. You enjoy exploring new places and doing things together.

You enjoy trying out new things like learning a new sport or playing a musical instrument together. Or, you may have traveled together in a new place.

You just simply enjoy being with each other and having fun.

13. You don’t need each other but love each other.

You need each other because you love each other and not love each other because there’s something in the other person that you need. You cherish your companionship.

Being with the other person is being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If both of you feel this way, then your relationship is going to last.

14. You can be honest with them and they with you.

You know you have flaws that sometimes get in the way. The moment you’ve done something that you feel is not good, you’re not afraid to confess it to them.

Even if what you did caused them trouble, they’re still there for you and even appreciate you for being honest. A lasting relationship thrives in honesty.

15. You both can’t see each other dating another person.

You might be going through a rough time in your relationship where quitting is an option. But then you can’t see yourself with a person other than your partner, which they also feel the same.

In short, you both always end up being in each other’s arms again.

16. You always consider yourselves as couples.

In your relationship you always hear ‘we’ and ‘us’ and not ‘me’ or ‘you’. You see yourselves as couples despite your own individuality.

The other person’s problem is a problem to both of you, and the other person’s success is a success to you both. For this, there’s no reason why your relationship can’t last.