12 Minutes A Day For Irresistible Legs

It’s time to stop hiding your legs in jeans and sweatpants, because we give you the ultimate leg workout, and it’s the best you will ever find.

If you think that exercising is just for those who have enough free time, think again, because you can actually tone your legs within 10 minutes, which means you have no excuse for your flabby legs.

You can easily fit these exercises in your daily schedule. Pick the right exercises for your physical condition, and enjoy wearing your favorite summer dress.

Leg exercises do wonders!
Your legs support the entire body, which is why you need them to be quite strong.

Proper leg workout increases stability, and reduces the risk of muscle injuries. Higher stability means stronger balance, and a hotter body, of course.

The muscles in your legs are quite big, and by engaging them you actually engage a large portion of your body. You should have better focus and more energy to do this workout, because your heart is obliged to work harder. You will also burn calories, which means this leg workout will help you melt excess pounds.

Build strong legs to prevent lower back pain, because this part of the body is directly connected to our limbs. Leg workout makes you more flexible, and athletes are able to move a lot easier. Moreover, it prevents spontaneous injuries.

The ultimate leg workout to do at home
Consistency is the key for your success, because your legs get used to the rhythm. Stretch our body before every workout to get the maximum of your effort.

Check these three leg workouts, and you will do them within 12 minutes. The best thing is that you don’t need any equipment.

The best workout for your butt and thighs

1. Rear lunge
60 sec
Lean forward on your front leg
Come back down, and bring your knee as low as possible
Balance your weight
Squeeze your buttocks

2. Lunge pulse
30 sec
Lunge position
Do up ‘n’ down bounce
Keep your body low
Straighten your torso

3. Rear lunge (switch sides)
60 sec

4. Lunge pulse (switch side)
30 sec

5. Double dip squats
1 min
Keep feet shoulder-width apart
Do a deep squat with two pulses
Bring your body up, and repeat

6. Static squats
30 sec
Do a low squat
Hold your body in this position
Squat pulses
30 sec
Do a low squat
Engage our body in an up ‘n’ down pulse
Keep your body low

This workout will help you melt your love handles and carve your abs.

1. Static squat torso twists
60 sec
Do a quarter squat
Rotate your shoulders, while keeping your hips and legs still
Engage the obliques
Add speed

2. Jumping oblique twists
60 sec
Twist – move your hips and shoulders in the opposite directions while jumping
Stick your hands together, and elevate your arms

3. Side hip raises
30 sec per side
Start off with your elbow and knee
Bounce your hip up and down

4. Jumping oblique twists
60 sec

5. Russian twist
60 sec
Bring your body in a sit-up position
Rotate your shoulders
Set your arms in the front, and don’t rely on them
Bring your chest towards the ceiling

6. Jumping oblique twists
60 sec

7. Reclined oblique twists
30 sec per side
Sit, and keep your back about 6 inches off the ground
Elevate your leg, and bring your opposite arm to the outer part of your foot
Stabilize your body with your other arm

8. Jumping oblique twists
60 sec

The best leg workout for toned and strong calves/thighs

1. Wide squat with feet turned out
30 sec
Keep your feet wider
Do regular squat
Squeeze your glutes as you stand up

2. Tip-toe squat
30 sec
Do regular squats
Elevate your body on your tip-toes and squeeze the glutes

3. Alternating side lunges
30 sec
Lunge on one side
Bring your body as low as possible

4. Lateral leg lifts
30 sec per leg
Stand on one leg, and keep your other off the ground
Keep your hands on the hips
Elevate and lower your body

5. Bridge pulses
30 sec
Keep your back flat on the ground, do a triangle with your legs, and engage your abs
Elevate the pelvis, keep it high, then bring it down

6. Bridge static hold
30 sec
Support your body on your shoulders and tip-toes
Keep the pelvis up, and hold it in this position
Hold your body in a straight line

7. Modified bridge
30 sec
Set your body in the previous position
Move your knees from side to side

8. Two foot calf raises
20 sec
Stand straight
Roll on the “balls” of your both feet

9. Single leg squat
30 sec per leg
Stand on one leg, and bring your other leg forward
Keep your chest straight, and keep your hands in front of you
Lower your body on the legs, as if you are doing a squat

10. Wide squat with feet raises
30 sec
Keep your legs wide as if you do a squat
Bring your body as low as possible
Elevate your body, and support the weight on the “balls” of your feet

11. Modified wide squat with holds and pulse
15 sec
Do a wide squat on your tip-toes
Hold for 15 seconds
Pulse on your tip-toes
Hold your body in this position for 5 seconds
Pulse for 15 sec

Try these exercises, and you will soon have the body of our dreams. Enjoy your hot summer days, and show off that body.