Why Some People Who are Very Close To Us Often Detach From Us? Is That How God Wants It To Happen?

Sometimes it is often found that some people come in our life like an angel, but their stay in our life is not permanent. We really feel attached to them all of a sudden and they are no longer considered as a stranger in our lives. They become the most important fellow in our lives and we cannot think of our life without them.

Maybe it’s the Almighty’s wish to bring them closer to our life. They are meant to come to our livesat that moment to educate us important lessons of life, or to make us know ourselves in a better way.

There is always a definite reason why people get hooked up with some specific person. It is the God who pushes us towards that person and a strong bond of attachment develops between us both. Most of the people who didn’t have any role in our lives or those who didn’t do anything special in our life will certainly fade away from our life because their presence is temporary in our life.

From time to time, the requirements of our life changes,depending onour needs, God sends us the right person we need at the right place and situation. It is God who will help us to fight back our problems, may not directly but via that special one. God encourages us to go closer to the people who are meant special to us. This person will help us to overcome all our miseries and worries. He will provide light to the darkness of our life thus making it enlightened.

It is human nature to sustain every good thing or like people in their life forever, and to push back all the undesired and unlike things from their life. So, it’s just because of this we try to make these special people permanent in our life, though they no longer stick to our life ceaselessly. As they appear in our livesat the right time, so they move away from our life after completing their role. They remain in our life for a brief period of time as referred by God. It is the desire of the Almighty to send them to our life to make us perfect for the ones who would remain ceaselessly in our life.

But the problem arises when these people fade away from our life. We feel helpless and morose when these people go away. We don’t understand why God would remove someone who is so important in our life. It was once due to them we were able to heal our pain. However, if they stay in our life endlessly then their presence would be no longer as pleasant and welcoming. Gradually their good looks will no more soothe our eyes, their love will no longer be unique, and their role will no longer be inspiring to us. After some time we will start considering them as a burden in our life that we are not supposed to carry. But, God doesn’t want to end their role in our lives in such a manner. They were so special and their story is not meant to end like this. So, God has planned to detach them from us at the right phase of our life.

God wants to believe that our story would better end up with Faith. The faith of better letting it end as God desires.  It is God who has cast him this character in our story of life and so, it is He, who has the power to decast him from the story. We cannot, and are not supposed to rewrite this story written by the Almighty. Maybe the role that these people have to play in our life has ended and now they will move on to the life of others who need them.

Maybe God wants to teach us the lesson of leaving one of our intimate and important people when their requirement is over in our life. So, we must proceed in our lives with the faith of accepting all who will come in our life in future, as this is the destiny made by God.