What If Your Soulmate Is Not Single?

It is a dream of every person to meet his/her soulmate. Wouldn’t be disappointing if you find that your soulmate has already been in a relationship? Hence, you may ask yourself why the universe sent you this person if you cannot be beside him/her. In fact, long-term relationship or marriage puts borders between the soulmates. So, this raises many questions such as: What is the reason for all that? Why did the soulmates find each other, when they have other partners in their lives?

Some people encounter a soulmate who is married or in a long-term relationship. Does this mean the soulmate connection is all in their head? Why on earth would the universe bring soulmates together if they cannot be together? What could be the purpose of having a soulmate that is not single and available?

Everything is not as dark as it seems

Soulmates exist for a certain purpose. The time when they should meet is predestined. Hence, there is a reason behind their encounter. In fact, your soulmate might be at the beginning of a relationship, when finding her/him. But, why is this so? Maybe, the soulmate unconsciously feels the need to understand some things more clearly. Their relationship might not end immediately. They might feel the need to gain more experience with you, to learn you better. Also, meeting you may show them to not make the things so much serious in their relationship.

Furthermore, he/she might not be prepared to rush into a relationship with you. Maybe, your soulmate feels the need to overcome the challenge of his relationship. It is true that people get desperate when their love dream falls apart. They might feel as if they have been shot with a bullet by the universe. But, why is all that negativity? Important thing is that one should remember, that there something greater beyond the immediate reality. In fact, everything occurs due to the formerly foreseen faith by the universe.

The present relationship might have smothered your soulmate if you hadn’t appeared. This means that you appeared in the right moment of his life.  Your appearance should prevent him/her from going deeper in the destructive relationship. You are his/her life rescuer. In fact, he/she will get strength from to get out of his relationship.

However, their relationship might last for a long period, until he/she finally decides to break up. Maybe, they could not find the exit from a complicated relationship.

Now an important question is this: what is the right thing? Do you need to stay away from your soulmate? Is it a good thing to pursue him/her? Well, the truth is that there is no right answer for this. But the best thing for you is to not lose your hope. No matter, how hard it is, patience is all you need. Maybe, if you believe in the miracle of you two being together, it might happen.