How to Trust Someone Again ?

If someone we trust hurts us, we could fall apart.The truth is that one person, close to us could crack our trust into pieces. Hence, the broken trust will affect us painfully. We might become afraid of meeting new people. But, isolating ourselves and building a fence to prevent everyone to get near us, is not the best idea. We need to face the pain. Understanding the whole situation just as a part of our life path, is probably the best way to move on. In order, to overcome the hard period and gain trust again, you should be strong.

So, here are several pieces of advice that might help you with that.

No One Is Perfect

We are all humans with a complex personality. Every day, we experience different emotions, that make us act in a certain way. The truth is that no one is perfect. So, If someone has wronged us, that doesn’t mean that the person intended to do so. The actions of the other people should not drag us down the pit. Instead, we should try to understand the other person’s feelings and emotions. So, as the time passes we will gain the courage to forgive them for their actions.

Meet New People

You should be open to new encounters with other people. Don’t dwell on the characteristic of the person from your previous relationship. Everyone is different. There are so many people with good intentions. You should not build your inner world, where you would hide just to avoid people. Don’t allow you past relationship to be an obstacle to you.

Don’t Blame Yourself

You should not put a blame on yourself about the things that happened in the past. Forgiving yourself would be great for you. In that way, you will accept yourself as you are and show that you have self-respect. Hence, you will never know how others will behave toward you.

Follow What Your Instincts Say

No one is worth your trust unless you decide he/she is. The experience you have been through your previous relationship should help you to see more clearly. It would teach you whom you should trust. If you don’t approve of someone’s behavior toward you, then don’t hesitate about that person and avoid him/her. If someone shows disrespect, why should you even worry about it? You should not waste your time on someone, who makes you feel bad.  However, if there is someone who makes you feel nice, then let this person in your life. Also, you should try to get more interested in him /her.

Don’t Live in The Past

Carrying the past with you will make you feel really bad. It is pretty haunting and your thoughts will be full of ugly memories. So, you need to move on and let the past stay away from the present. It should be your life lesson, from which you would become stronger. If someone disappointed you at some point, it doesn’t mean that all people you meet will do the same. There are people who will respect you and never try to play with your feelings. In order to have good relations with people around you, don’t let the past to push you down. Hence, take  one step every day and you will learn how to be open-hearted again. Embracing the future means giving chance to people to come into your life. Simply said, just live the present moment and don’t lose your hope for future.